Diary of an American Witch
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2003-10-19 21:10:19 (UTC)

That's lotta rain, jack.

I realllly need to get back into the habit of writing here.
I just don't have any time anymore. Not that Im
complaining, really, my life is on a huge upswing right
now. Great job, money in the bank, new friends, fab
boyfriend, life is good. I just don't have as much time
for things like this diary anymore.
Cory and I spent four hours on the outline for the first
book last night, and, if possible, I think I fell more in
love with him then before. He's simply brilliant. I
understand now that the reason i have never been able to
finish a story before is because I have never worked with
him before. He's supportive without being pushy, and when
he offers suggestions, he doesn't get all pissy if I don't
think it will fit with what Im doing. It's a real load of
my shoulders, because I can talk to him in depth about my
problems, and not have to be scared that he's going to get
upset if I don't do things his way. Being around him is
like breathing fresh air.

I think it will get better, the lack of time that is, once
we move in together. March. It will be in march. By that
time we will both have enough money saved to put a good
sized down payment on a house. I have a couple thousand in
the bank already, but we want a nice house, and besides, I
know Im going to blow at least five hundred on presents
this christmas. Nothing is too good for my Love.
It's a little wierd, sitting down and planning your life
with someone, writing out a list of what we are going to
need for the house, and where to shop for the stuff. It
feels verry grown up.

Well, I guess the saying is true. When it rains, it pours,
and Im in a plethra of joy. That's a lotta rain jack.

Happy thinking

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