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2003-10-19 14:07:22 (UTC)

Serenity now, Germany soon...

Ok, so I was watching Seinfeld yesterday. No biggy. One way
or another, I'm getting my affairs in order. I've called
off all my selection of the month things. I must do the
same right off the bat when I come back so they don't send
me crap. Especially columbia, they keep doing that too
often. I keep thinking my mail gets lost sometimes or there
has to be a way to do this online, that's as simple as with
onespirit. Well there is a way I just find out, I will have
to put it to the test next time. Another thing is people's
addy's that's almost done. I'll get tim's, christina's, and
steph's today. Also lend my snake necklace and bracelet to

OH yeah, yesterday was Sweetest day or whatever excuse for
a holiday that is. Whatever. One way or another I didn't do
anything again. Oh well, whatever.

Well anyway, I gotta go call my phone complany and tell
them that I will not need their service for the next month.
Hopefully that will work. Either that, or I just make my
mom benefit, and pay for it, which I doubt she'll want to
do. I need cash.

I was suppose to be saving for a Road Trip to Florida.
Instead, I am using all that cash to spend on Germany. It
works with my philosophy, but I would love to spend some
actual time with my friends, away from parents and on our
own. The on our own part is the one I love the most.
Besides, it's not like it's just anybody. It's everybody
that matters the most to me in the local group here.

Just remembered, actually more like, it has been brought to
my attention, that I still have a check, and a phone bill,
along with some ATM matters to take care of. I must be
going shortly, along with the tapes I must return to Lion,
but Gaberiel just got on line. I'm gonna have to give him
the old, hi, and by routine. Well ciao