2003-10-19 06:14:10 (UTC)

tattoos like milemarkers, map the distance she has come...

...winning some, losing some...

what an amazing night.

it was not a bad day either, except for the couple hours i
spent with him, which is pretty much a given, i didnt
expect it to be great... but i actually felt bad this
afternoon, i really hurt his feelings and thats not a very
easy thing to do... he was like "why dont i call in, we
never get to spend time together" and i was like "What the
fuck why would you DO that" and as soon as i said it i
felt bad because he kinda. his face fell. you know. but
then i got so angry, because my mother CALLED him after i
left to get my system put in my car, and invited him to
call into work and come over for dinner. what the FUCK.
is that. and i called him and i said im sorry if i hurt
your feelings. "yeah." well, just call in then,
whatever. "yeah right. im going now." okay bye bye then.

but i took my puppy to the vet, and i got a really pretty
car stereo thing and i love it and now i can play my
ghettoness and it doesnt sound as stupid and i love it so

and i just spent 6 hours with people i love and i got a
tattoo with someone i will always love. fo'eva? fo'eva eva!

i dont care what people say, even though most people wont
know, because we talked about it and thought about it and
decided that no matter what, we've been through everything
already and nothing could ever make us regret it at this
point. and i love it even though it was too expensive and
the lines arent very straight and the purple is wrong,
haha i still love it because its not about the money or the
shade of purple. its about foevaeva. =)

mmhmm im happy. and i talked to claudia when she met up
with us. against my better judgement but once it came into
my mind it was there and no stopping me. and i feel better
about it. at least i know she'll BE there friday night now
without question. and we're guna try to have lunch
together once a week and stuf. i feel better.

and now im guna go to sleep. because i have so much shit
to do tomorrow and studying and trying to blow him off
early enough to see her cus we really do need to study but
i really do need to see her, too. so. bed time.

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