2003-10-18 22:13:14 (UTC)

Germany soon...

I must get all adresses to people to send postcards, buy
some pj's underwear, and socks, I would like to buy some
plain colored long sleeved shirts along with some tanks,
but don't know if I should, wheather I will really wear the
stuff on a normall basis and where to find the cheapest
stuff. So gosh. I was late for freestreet today. Woke up at
11. Corey was late 45 minutes as well. We translated the
video since we got the German translated script and needed
to incorporate that into the video, into every scene, every
bit of dialogue.

Need to leave soon to shop, Don't wanna spend much cash,
must return video's to Lion, and figure out how much cash I
do have. Atleast I have Rag Stock address. Karoline told me
you can find some great stuff there sometimes. So good. I
need the cheapest tanks I could find, and plain shirts.
Their not really my style, but just to walk and not spend
so much time in the closet on a trip where I'll be doing my
own laundry, it's a good idea to change my style.
Especially since it will be kinda cold. And I'm not gonna
be bringing my big jacket that I love so swell. Oh well,
must go now. Laterz.

P.S. I started using the expression byes pies. Ever
thinking of Teresa when I'm doing that. So for the memory
of my dearest friend...

Byes pies!!!