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2003-10-18 15:10:31 (UTC)

everyone wants their mom to hug them.

RattleheadMGDTH [11:02 AM]: down inside each one of them
wants there mom to hug them and to play catch with there dad
LaDiDaGrl [11:03 AM]: so. thats everyone.

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.. haha

im up so late but it feels early. i fell asleep in that
stupid movie last night. after like 12 minutes of it. and
i woke up and i was sleeping on his shoulder and he had his
head on mine and i was like EW GET OFF ME. ugh. and all
the way home, i dont know how i made it home i was half

the man carded me lol for the movie. i was like what the

i hope we really get our tattoos tonight. that would make
me happy and i think we should.

i bought those pills she was telling me about. those
vitamin energy pills whatever. i figure if they work for
her and shes so like me, they might do some good.

i have to take my baby to the vet now. and then go to
circuit city and get a new system. im excited. i hope it
sounds badass.

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