DayDream Believer
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2003-10-18 13:58:14 (UTC)

Lets make it short

This story have been taking to many enteris allready, its
been a week since it happend today.

So Satturday morning I wake up cause the phone alarm was
rining, I had to go to work, but it was plenty of time til
the buss left, I just set the alarm early so I could go
back to sleep or cuddle with Tommy.
I layd myself close into him and took my arms around him ,
he took his around me. Then he said "Im a little
disapointed of you" It was not with the most serious voice
in the would, but stil it hurt me. I knew what he ment. So
I asked him, how would you feel if you was waiting for
someone for hours, and the person you was going to suprise
diddt seem happy? Then you went to bad naked, new shawed
and straigh from the shower and then the person put on a
pron on tv! He could have the real thing, but you preferd
to watch them, did you know how stupid I feelt?
And then you suddently wanted some....
Tommy said that the pron was just for about 2.5 seconds,
but I feelt a sleep.

He went up short afther, I asked him to come and cuddle
with me, but he wouldnt, he had done that. Then he vacumed
and started to clean the bathroom. He always sleep in long
in weekends if he can, and he never, absolutly goes up to
clean the house.
The atmosfere was bad, I tryed to fix it, gave him some
hugs, but it didnt help.
Then I packed some off my things and got ready. I had asked
him early in the week if he would come and stay with me
home alone Satturday night, but diddnt get any answer, then
I asked him in one of my messages the day before, but he
didnt respond to it, and now I didnt wanted to aske him, I
just said I was goning home afther work.
I didnt feel like it, so I asked if I didnt take a brake,
if I the could go half and hour earlier?
That was okey. I diddnt tell Tommy.
To be honest I was hoping he would be outside the hotel
waiting for me when my shift ended, and then I would be far
gone on the buss, hehe.
I finished work, changed clothes and went out, on my way I
could see Tommy in his car. It was not placed where its
normaly when he`s waiting for, me it was on the side of the
hotell insted of in front of it.
I looked at him and walked over, then I stod outside his
door and he started to talk. I wassnt looking happy or glad
to see him, I asked what he was doing there, he was waiting
for me, wondering if I wanted a lift home?
I was quiet for a while, and afther a while I got in the
I had a feeling this might happend, that he would be there
I was stil hurt from the evning before and this morning, so
I diddt say much, just answerd if he asked me. He tryed to
cheer me up for a while, but gave up way to soon.
In the car I decied to be happy agen when we got home, this
chance was to weare to spoil.

Karoline was stil home to my suprise when we came, she was
soon leaving, and Tommy said he could drive her to the
place. We went in the kitchen to figure out what to eat,
and I gave him a hug.
They sat in the livingroom and the tv was on soccer. I
asked if he was going to see it, but didnt care about
listneing to the answer, then I went down to the basement
and took on the computer.
I had been looking forward to surf and chat, maybe some
of "my" people would be there even if iut was Satturday
Tommy hate when Im doing it, so I decided to to it when he
was with Karoline and driving her, then I would quit when
he got back.
They left, I was in my own world, but they walked down the
startes next to where I was stiiting and I said bye.
I heard I got a message afther a while, but figured it
wassent important, then Tommy had been gone for way to
long, it was not that long to where Karoline was going, so
I went up to chec at the food.
Afther a while I rememberd the message, to my suprise it
was from Tommy "Im going home, sorry".

Stil to be continued...