Cosmic Rain
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2003-10-18 08:32:45 (UTC)

lasso the sunlight

Play with the pretty sunshine glowing inside your
room....Dance to the sway of gentle breezes circling around
your being a noon...Skip to the tune of your inner feeling
calm..Rub warmth of life into your skin like the soothing
of balm..There's beauty in your smile..There's beauty in
your worth...You are connected to me, as you are connected
to mother earth.. I want to lasso the sunlight and place it
upon your hand..Watch your surprise..Watch it dance
effortlessly in your eyes..In your eyes..There's a song I
want to sing..It's as catchy as a cold but brighter and
bold..And it means everything...Wont you join in? Tap my
feet to the coloured beat..Tempting the fate with delicious
h'ourderves aromatic and sweet..So come with me outside,
into the light and be overwhelmed by life and its heat...

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