Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-10-18 07:17:33 (UTC)

Poem - "Too Far From Home"

The leaves are dancing in the Delaware wind
That brings a sobering chill,
Frantic and frenzied in the freshly groomed field
Adjacent to Barley Mill.
Their stronger companions hang on for dear life
As the tree limbs quiver and quake,
Reminding me so poignantly now
What refuses to bend will break.
The afternoon clouds don’t give up a drop,
They race through the sky instead,
They’re chasing the birds as I pace with my words
Arranging themselves in my head.
This evening will find me under chandelier light
With fine silver laid out before me,
With the most charming smile in my vast repertoire,
Our guest is sure to adore me.
I’ll leave my jeans in my plush hotel room,
Tonight I’ll be deep in disguise,
The candles and carpets and the young brunette waitress
Will offer a feast for my eyes.
Untouched by the rainstorm that rages outside,
Yet still my spirits are sunk,
But the food is paid for and so is the wine,
So I’ll order a steak and get drunk.
Fortune is smiling down on me tonight
In the peaceful Brandywine valley,
But I’d prefer a few beers and some fried onion rings
In some dingy old bowling alley.
As I smile without knowing and cry without showing
I recall the past few days,
Fond memories found and a few more drowned
In a care-free glorious haze.
Forty-eight hours of vagrancy’s bliss
And most of it wasted away,
Any minute of which does me better however
Than working this gig for a day.
Just a separate peace at my home in the hills
With the angels of desolation,
Dancing and drinking the daylight and dew
That fill me with sweet salvation.
Spending the nights of the red wine rites
With her beauty wrapped in my arms,
With our clothes on the floor and a lock on the door,
Our sanctity will come to no harm.
But now as I gaze with unoccupied eyes
At the emptiness all around me,
I can feel in my bones that I’m too far from home
Where the angels finally found me.
But I won’t fight back this subtle attack,
I’ll just drink the sweet chardonnay,
For soon my head will rise from the dead
To the dawn of a better day.

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