The Nine Faces of Dave
2003-10-18 05:12:27 (UTC)

maybe i just need more sleep

12:30 on a Friday night. I just got back from doing my show
down at the campus radio station, and now I'm here listening
to the Refreshments album I bought today, "Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big
and Buzzy." It's a great album; even the weaker songs make
up for it by being hilariously funny, lyrically.

So things are looking up a little. My roommate may well be
moving fairly soon, which will give me a whole lot of space
and freedom here, assuming I can avoid getting a new roomie
randomly assigned by the housing office. I plan to make use
of his mattress, either as added support for mine or as some
sort of extension to my bed. Two long twins is the same as
a queen, right? The possibilities are endless; I could even
make a couch if I found some big pillows to use for cushions
(or found some cushions). I'm even thinking about finding a
way to convert his cabinet into a hydroponic garden so I can
grow vegetables.

In other news, I'm nearly finished with my computer science
project, which means "Scanners" is on tap for this weekend.
I'm stoked; this is a movie I've had for long enough that I
should have watched it by now. There's also the possibility
of watching some Doctor Who, or possibly Buckaroo Banzai.

Classes are going pretty well, all things considered. I've
made near-perfect scores thus far in my third-semester intro
course, and I've gotten nothing less than 80% on the papers
for my AI/neuroscience class. Art is coming along well, and
I think I'm really learning something. Math is cake. It's
funny; the only class that's getting to me at all so far is
my workshop leader class. That may be mainly the simplicity
of it (i.e. why waste our time?), but the point is I need to
get cracking on my end-of-semester project, figure out what
to do and do it. Even still, that's an easy class.

In fact, just about the only things that aren't going really
well are my sleeping patterns and the stability of my life.
I haven't been getting enough sleep lately, and when I have
slept, my dreams have been strange enough to fuck about with
my head pretty badly.

There's no sense in going into them, because I don't really
think I need dream analysis, so let's just say I'm having to
rethink my social situation a little as a result. Recently
I made a few decisions to simplify my life and free up more
time and energy for things like playing lots of pinball and
working on my spiritual development. But it seems that the
tag-team of my subconscious and unconscious minds are quite
unwilling to let me be, so while my life is externally very
simple, the internal war is just as strong as ever.

But whatever. I'll get things straightened out, one way or
the other. And when I do, life should be smooth.

Strange to think that as soon as I give up on some practice,
the drive to do so becomes even stronger.