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2003-10-18 04:23:58 (UTC)


All I have to say...is pray for me!! lol I've never been
so overwhelmed with things to do and deadlines. This
semester is definitely hell--and I think it's like that for
We had a very horrible opera rehearsal the other day and
things are seriously down to the wire. The opera was even
possibly going to be cancelled--but now I think that that
is definitely our very LAST resort! We were going to cut
the recitative, now we've all decided to take on the
challenge of having perfect on Monday so we can actually do
that instead of spoken dialogue--which is WAY too pressure
with everything else going on--but it needs to be done.
It's 12 a.m. on Saturday and I just got back from a LONG
day. I worked from 8-9:10 then had class from 9:30-10:20
then worked from 10:30-11:45 and then went and got a flu
shot and a menengitis vaccinne(some of us at work have
possibly been exposed to it and I've never been
vaccinnated)...and then back to work around 12:30 until
2:45 and then I had a coaching session with Dr. Dybdahl at
3 until 3:30 and then had rehearsal from 3:30 until 5:45.
I came home and ate my three tiny pieces of chicken left
over from my chinese last night and then a P&J sandwich.
Took about a 45 minute nap because I was about to pass
out...and then had to be at the music building by 7:40 for
this new music festival that I was singing in...and then
sat through the first hour and a half until 9:30 and then
performed until about 10:30. Then several of us from the
opera rehearsed until 11:45 with out pianist. SO needless
to say for a Friday I'm EXHAUSTED--and it has been like
this ALL week. I've barely spoken to my parents for almost
over a week and a half...I haven't spoken to or even seen
several of the people I really care about for about 2-3
weeks. I know that they think I don't care and that this
is just a cycle with me---but believe me I have NO free
time to call or do anything. I'm usually gone from 7:45
a.m. until 10:30 or sometimes later and then I have to try
and do some homework and get to bed early to even get
through my next day. So if you're reading this I am very
sorry--I'm a bad friend I know and I know I should call
just to say even hi or that I hope you die or
something...but I literally have NO energy left inside of
me to do anything when I'm all done. Excuses, excuses...I
know--but very true. And the voice faculty keeps pouding
me. Now I'm singing at 9:30 a.m. on Monday for Music
discovery day...and it's bad enough that it's way TOO early
to sing...but they want me to sing one of my big honkin
arias. BLAH!!! At 9:30 a.m.??? So anwyays...my weekend is
gone...I will be memorizing and rehearsing non stop--plus
fighting whatever this sinus thing I feel like I'm getting
is. I don't have time to be sick. And it doesn't help that
I'm the only one that is not double casted in this damn
show---at least then I could have someone to fall back on
if I need to miss a rehearsal because of illness or
anything. So....
Coming back from my almost week in NYC I was so depressed.
It was such a great time. I flew by myself which was
really relaxing actually...and it was nice to get away. I
kept my phone away from me most of the time because I
wanted to just stay as far away from BG as possible--as
bitchy as that sounds. Manhattan S. Music was great--I
have some great contacts now--and I want to be there. I
saw my friend Colleen who is in the broadway show "The Boy
From Oz" with Hugh Jackman. The show was in previews when I
saw it. It was wonderful--although now taht it opened it's
not getting good reviews..but as they say--anything that is
actually good isn't lasting on Broadway right now. Go
figure. Most of all I enjoyed spending time with my aunt
and uncle. It was so relaxed and pleasant, and they were so
good to me. We definitely made some good memories. So I
had major culture shock when I returned and had to go
straight to rehearsals...and I had about 10 voice mail
messages. LOL I'm ready for this to be over. I know I'll
enoy it once the work is done. I'll finally be able to
spend some much needed time with friends and actually go
out and enjoy the "fruits of my labor."
I'm off to bed to hopefully get a LONG good nights sleep!!!!
p.s. and btw--Bernadette was amazing in Gypsy!!!!! And I
got to meet her AGAIN! :)