2003-10-18 01:57:03 (UTC)

say you would, say you could...

say you'd come and stop the rain
say you'd try and hold me tight
and you just give me away...
so today was not bad... i worked with matt in the polymers
department which is always a good thing... and broder went
by quickly, my manger cut her hair and straightened it and
dyed it dark red and its soo hot....

and ashley came this weekend!!! YAY so iw as excited about
that all day... and we went to dinner at don pablos and saw
caroline and (sorta) surprised her, i kinda ruined the
surprise factor cus i had to ask her if she was working and
if the bitch was working cus i was so scared that she would
be there even though caroline says she never comes to see
her at work and my keyboard is being all fucked
up...anyway it was nice and i think she was happy i came i

and tomorrow ashley and i are guna hang out again at night
after i do all my 5 million things during the day.... i
love dickface working all the time.. he called me on the
way to dinner and she was so surprised at how i am now, she
was like ive never heard you talk to him like that and i
was like its cus i REALLY dont care anymore..

we might get a tattoo. YAY i would be so excited.and i
think were guna see intolerable cruelty. yay. cus HE wont
see it with me. i really dont want to even go out tonight
but i guess i have to, even though hes all mad cus i didnt
tel him what i was doing when he called i told him i had a
hot date and it was none of his fucking business lol... so
maybe i'll get lucky and he wont even call yay..

i really need to think about moving to tampa. im so happy
when im with her. i was thinking about that on the way to
her house, before ieven SAW her... i was thinking, im so
happy when we're spending time together. she wants to get
married. shes so cute.
maybe we will someday. i wouldnt be surprised.

anyway i wish this bitch would get out of my life... and
let me do my thing. lol.. aww and ashley gave me the
sweetest card ever i have to put it in her little book,
which by the way i should be putting somewhere else before
he is up in my car doing the stereo tomorrow.... uh huh. my
boobs with ashley rocks my world on them... maybe not. i
just dont want to dealwith that yet.

my keyboard is REALLY upsetting me. so im guna go for
now. i hope she was happy that i came and saw her. =)
she smiled at me and touched my arm when we left. hahaha
im such a nerd. im guna take a nap and hope that he doesnt
call.. bye.