Human Voices
2001-10-09 05:41:46 (UTC)

Planned Trip

I'm going to London on the 30th November. And now my Nana
is really stressing me out, ringing up to say that I should
cancel my flight incase I get bombed down over the middle
east. God, what an over-reaction. But as someone with a
wild imagination I sat there in my Literature exam today
thinking that I would be held hostage by some terrorists.
Sorry if I offend anyone, I don't mean to. Anyway, I also
had a wierd dream last night that there were tidal waves on
the beach down the road from my house. I wanted to go to
the shops after the exam today to look up a dream book and
see what the significance was but I just wanted to go home
and sleep. I've been thinking about heaps of things lately.
I'm graduating from high school in about 3 weeks and I have
no idea what I'm going to do. I mean, I've applied to uni.
I want to do a bachelor of arts in writing at uni but I've
got a trip planned and will be defering for a year to go
travelling. I just want to get out of Australia and go home
to Scotland for a while. I miss it so much. But this will
be my first real time away from my family and I'm kind of
apprehensive about it. Incase you're wondering why my dairy
is titled what it is - I'm a huge fan of T.S. Eliot's work.
I love things that make you think. I hate straight forward
and, I suppose, ordinary things. I love difference and new
things. I think that's probably why I've opted to go to
Europe for a year. This is a really significant time in my
life and that's why I've started this online diary. I mean,
I've been a journal writer since I was about 5 when I would
have a forever friends notebook and write "today me and mum
went ise sckating." Yup. I laugh now and wonder why I
bothered. I suppose I keep diaries so I remember exaclty
what I was doing. You never know, A grandchild might find
my young life interesting one day. Anyway, I started this
online diary to hopefully get some feedback and maybe just
a little bit of advice.