dazed and confused

Twisted Teenage Years
2003-10-17 19:50:43 (UTC)

Separation Anxiety Disorder...

I always thought it was just something that babies got when
their parents left them with a new sitter, but I'm learning
that teenagers can get it too when they're with someone
every day and every night, sleeping in the same bed,
occasionally even showering together for 6 months straight.
I know the difference, but to me, every time Brent has to
go away for a night or in this case a weekend it feels like
the second that car pulls out of the driveway thats all
there is to it and he's never coming back. It was just like
a movie playing in my head... and for once, it was a sappy
movie. *smiles* He kissed me a million times and we
cuddled all day long - we even went out to lunch, just the
two of us. He told me he loved me about 5 times just today,
and I didn't have to say it first. Not even once.
I walked him out to the car to say goodbye again, and he
actually didn't seem like he wanted to go. I told him to
buckle his seatbelt, and he actually did. The windows were
up, but before he pulled out of the driveway, he blew me a
kiss and I read his lips as he told me he loved me again...
but I still came in the house and cried like I was never
going to see him again. It's rediculous, but every single
time we're apart, I go crazy and turn back into a little
kid that needs to know that someone's there to take care of
her. Tonight will be the third night in a month... and then
he has to leave next week sometime too to do a job. *pouts*
Maybe I'll talk him into letting me go along with him.
Hmm... maybe I just will. *grins*

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