DayDream Believer
2003-10-17 14:54:24 (UTC)

One bad suprise

My behavior afther giving my father the bottle was not the
only thing to upset Tommy, we had a misunderstanding, he
thought I was going to his place the next day, but I
wassent. We`re allmost at his place everyday, but sometimes
its nice to stay at home.
It was not even a fight, he dont bring up things, he just
survite it the best he can. I asked him to come to my place
Friday, Karoline was having a friend over, and Gracie was
on her camp, my mum and dad was going away for the weekend,
something that normaly never happens, I`ve been alone for a
weekend once in my life. This comes from the fact that we
have a farm ofccouse, not that we dont travel.
I wanted to use this chance to have som peace and quiet at
home, and it was supose to be the last weekend with our
car, cause Tommy was taking it in for the winter.
Of couse Tommy didnt wana come to me then, oh no suddently
he had so many things to do Friday, wistiting a friend, see
the man the brough the car from, he`s letting it stay at
his place for the winter, and help someone from work with
their tv.

I was like okey, he said he would not be home before
sometimes between 8 and 11pm. I went to our reading room on
campus, got up really ealry even though I had no lectures I
got up 15.45. Then I was in town all day, its closer to
Tommy than it is to my home. I sendt some messages with
him, so all the time I had controll of where he was. (not
that I didnt trust him, but so I could..) Then when I was
sure he was out of the house, I went to his place.
There I did some more studiing, watched tv, had a face
mask, tok a shower and shaved my ******* (bad, bad girl)
The I did some reading, and just had a good time, he
wassnt`home before 10.50 . I had been sending some messages
to him and he responded, I was a little bit scared that he
could come and wisit me at home, cause I told him that I
wanted to stay with him, but he didnt knew that I wassnt

When he came in I was lying on the sofa naked, clean and
new shaved, I had a kind of blanket on me,I diddnt bother
to get dressed, and I feel cold, I wassnt diry-lokking or
anything, I was coverd, but naked under.
First of all, all he did was to say hello, not a big soft
kiss, maybe some smiles or at lest what a nice suprise that
you`re here.
I got a bit dissapointed, he has som manny times told me
that when he gets home he`s been loking for me, wiching I
was there, my didnt I suprise him more ofthen like I used
And then I did, and this was the result.

It was late, I was going to work the next day, he wassnt.
So I went to be, the bed is in the livingroom, next to the
sofa. Are you comming? I asked, yeah, in a while he said.
I did understand that he wassnt tried, but I needed sleep.
Then he sapped trough his chanals and guess what bummped up?
It was porn. Look at this Angel, see how she...
I got really hurt, I know theres nothing wrong with boys
and porn,and all that stuff.
But here was this fresh, new shaved girl in his bed who
wanted to do it with him, insted we watched some others do
I was tried and feelt a sleep.
Then I woke up, it was Tommy, or it wassnt Tommy, it was
his thonge between mye legs. I had sleept for a little
while, you probobly know that if you just have fallen to
sleep and someone wakes you up, you dont want to wake up,
some even gets a bit moody of that, I wassnt. I was quiet,
but twisetd my legs all the time, so he gave up and layed
down in bed next to me.But he didnt hold his arms arond me
or anything, and I was to tired to care.

Well, gotta go now, have a nice weekend folks!

To be continued..