Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-10-17 12:31:33 (UTC)


Well, it's Friday and my son is scheduled to go with his
Dad this afternoon. There's one problem with that, I had
to take him into the doctor last night, and he has pink
eye. I am choosing not to call his Dad and tell him,
because he will back out of visitation. I am going to wait
and just tell him when he gets here and see what he does.
Sometimes I feel like it's wrong to do that, but I am tired
of being the bad guy to have to explain to our son why
Daddy didn't want to take him. Mike's excuse is always
that he doesn't want to expose the kids and people at his
house, but we don't shove Tyler off over there if we or he
is sick just so that we or he isn't exposed, so how is that
right? It must be so nice to just treat parenting as a
convenience. So this time he is going to have to face our
son and say that he will not take him because he has pink
eye. So, we shall see!
Gotta run, have to call the school to let them know of his