2003-10-17 01:54:45 (UTC)


i shaved haha. Why? i dont know. not like anyone touches
me. even though you all want to.

and i used my new pure zone face stuf its the most amazing
thing ever, every time i use it im amazed with it. and it
feels like tampa!! like ashleys shower=) ooh.

shes coming tomorrow!! im so excited, it was a surprise.
we're guna go to dinner. i LOVE him working all the time,
its the best. i can get away with everything. not that i

work was irritating today, broder of course. but i ordered
a ton of new stuf some cute shirts to transfer on, and all
the sweatshirts for my family, and a new hoodie. eh and
some shirts for dickface that he kept bugging me about. so
i'll get all that stuf and then go.

speaking of that, his birthdays in one week and i so dont
have anything. usually by now i have like 15 things in the
closet, trying to decide whats for birthday and whats for
christmas, really cute thoughtful things. but i got
nothin. i dont know what i should do about that. im
usually pretty cute about that. i already know what i want
to give Tammy for christmas and claudia for her birthday
and ashley for her birthday and haha not him. oh well.


RattleheadMGDTH [9:48 PM]: your such a girl jeeze
LaDiDaGrl [9:48 PM]: yeah so are you
RattleheadMGDTH [9:48 PM]: no im not
RattleheadMGDTH [9:49 PM]: i have man parts, not woman
LaDiDaGrl [9:50 PM]: ewwwww
RattleheadMGDTH [9:51 PM]: whut eva, you know you like it
LaDiDaGrl [9:51 PM]: no i dont
LaDiDaGrl [9:51 PM]: im gay remember
RattleheadMGDTH [9:52 PM]: i have long hair and a
somewhat girlish figure ;-)
RattleheadMGDTH [9:53 PM]: and my skin is smooth like a
LaDiDaGrl [9:54 PM]: that doesnt cut it though. sorry=)
RattleheadMGDTH [9:54 PM]: you wont know unless you try
LaDiDaGrl [9:55 PM]: Umm I have though and I do know.
RattleheadMGDTH [9:55 PM]: you've never had a peice of

Yeah but EWWWW and youre his LITTLE BROTHER AND EWWWWWW and
youre not even as cute as him!!! I want to say. LORD

why cant people ever ever ever say "oh shes gay." okay so
maybe i've not stuck to my guns in the past but give me a
break! and i feel less and less attracted to men every
day. usually its like. 1 in 50 or so. but then i have
this sweet, interesting, cute guy at work all over my shit
and im nothing more than flattered and a little
uncomfortable. yet if danielle..... lol. yeah. but why
cant people just leave that alone? why does EVERY man on
earth seem to think that its just a joke and we dont mean
it? like. just fuck off already. treat yourself to a
nice whore and a nice cigar.

i wish someone would come sleep with me in bed. and say
ooh your hair smells so nice like green apples and ohh you
shaved and ohh i love your blanket and it would be really
cold and then in the morning the sunlight would trickle in
the window and we would smell coffee and it would be a
sunday morning chilly with little drops of warm yellow sun
and my blanket and all cuddled up AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME

time for this crazy bitch to go to bed.