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2003-10-16 17:33:23 (UTC)

I'm screaming inside

Ok, I use Yahoo Messenger through a program called Trillian.
Anyway, I guess I'm on random chat or something. I means I
get some interesting folks who decide to message me.

Well, the other day I decided to message one back. Turns
out he's a guy on campus that I've had a class with. I
thought it was great that I found someone who at least
doesn't seem like a freak or wierdo. Plus he's married. I
think that is why I messaged him since his profile said Married.

Well, we had a pretty normal conversation. It got a little
crazy when we were discussing if he should wear a sock over
his dick or go naked to work. The freaky thing is our convo
reminded me so much of some I've had with Dave. It kinda
scared me for a sec.

So yesterday he wasn't online in the morning. He had a
radio show to do. He was on last night though. We ended up
talking till 1:15 or so in the morning. It started off as a
totally normal conversation. I then sent him some pics he
had asked for. Well, he asked when I was going to update my
website since i'm pretty sure he saw the site with old pics
of me.

I sent him the pics. They were originally for Dave who
wanted to see what I was wearing yesterday. They were
totally clean though. So I showed Chris the pics and he got
all excited.

He decided to get out his digital camera to send me some
newer pics of himself since there aren't very many on his
site. He started taking requests so I asked for a pic of
the japanese tattoo his has on the back of his neck. And
leter for a pic of the top of his head. He has some amazing
red, spiky hair.

I said I ran out of ideas for him to take pics of. Well, he
went right along taking pics and pretty soon I'd seen him
naked. I honestly don't know how things got so far, but oh
well. He seems like a nice guy.

The only thing I am worried about is meeting him in person.
I mean just because we had one class together does not mean
I have talked to him. I already know I'm going to clam up
and go all shy. I'm just not comfortable with talking to
guys for the first few times. It takes me a while to warm
up to them. Might take longer since I've seen him naked.

He's a Computer Art major so we're in the same building most
of the time. I have a feeling we might run into eachother
soon. Not necessarly today, but in the near future.

He asked if we could get together on Saturday. I was a
little thankful that John is coming over and I would not be
able to do something with Chris. I don't really think I'm
ready to meet him.

He really wants to meet me though. God, he talked about
wanting to come over here last night. Like as in he was
super horny. I could certainly tell in the pictures.

The only thing I am wondering is where is wife was last
night. He said he hasn't gotten any sex in a while, but
god, it just seemed wierd to have that sort of conversation
with a married man.

Oh well. Now I have to get ready for class. Hopefully my
ad will look ok.

He was being super sweet and trying to help me find a plant
picture for my ad. He seems like a really nice guy.

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