Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-10-16 17:31:12 (UTC)


Yesterday I went to the doctor to see if they would give
me new medication for my strep thoat cuz the stuff i have
doesnt seem to be working all that well...then they were
like ohhh u need to get tested for mono cuz i told them
that i have been i went and got the dumb blood
tests done and i was positive that i didnt have mono cuz i
wasnt i went back and theyre like you are
positive for mono!!! i cant do any physical activity
for 6 weeks and i gotta rest a lot..i remember when
chrissy had mono her liver enlarged and supposedly mine is
too but im not tired..i was tired like all alst month and
now they tell me i have mono and im not tired nemore..i
never sleep and its sooo my theory is that i HAD
mono and now its over cuz my strep throat is going away
and all..i dunno i hope i didnt give neone mono without
knowing it cuz that would just suck..the only person that
could possibly have gotten it is marissa cuz she took my
beer at the frat party at PSU..thats the only person i can
think of at the moment..but i dunno it sux tho cuz now i
cant do equestrian til next least my 6 week
thingy will be over at ya shcools been ok
except for the whole mono meetin more ppl in my
classes cuz we always have all tehse dumb case studies for
comm theories and im always in a different group..we have
this paired assignment thing and i didnt wanna be cheryl
partner cuz that would be dumb so im partners with this
girl ashley buro but shes never in least its
not due until thanksgiving..marissa birthday is this