DayDream Believer
2003-10-16 14:29:04 (UTC)

Birthday number two

The next day was my fathers birthday, I also spendt a long
time thinking of what to buy him, so that day I went eary
to town to get his gift from me, Tommy, Karoline and Grace.
I had a lecture and a class so I wassnt done before 5pm,
then Tommy picked me up in his car and we went to his mal
near my house, I had something to do there. Then we went
We gave my dad the gift, and he was hapy about it. My
mother had this her woman club to go to, its not important
like most of her things, all they do is eat and gossip but
I guess its fun cause they always laugh a lot, I know cause
they take turns having it in their homes.
It was the wife of our mecanic night to have it, and my dad
told her to go. Then there would`nt be any fancy dinner
for him, he dont like cakes, so the gift was pretty much
his birthday.
We sat in the livingroom watching tv, me Tommy and
Karoline. Gracie was on a school trip, a camp that would
last for a entirely week!
Then Karoline went to her room to read, Tommy sad he was
going to bed and went downstares and I said I was coming
So now its just me and my dad alone, I ask if he has had a
nice birthday, he says yeas, we talk a few more sentesnses
then Im off to the bathroom but when I comes to the door
who turens oot of our livingroom he`s there.
Do you got any beer he asks me?
I got really suprised the last thing I was expecting now,
but I told him no, I cant stand beer, so I dont have any.
He said it would be good to have any.
I think my unconciones knew alledy the, cause suddently Im
doing my best to buy time, so I tell him the story about
when I got 4 beers in tip in the hotell, and gave it away
to the mean repseptiponist who suddently became so nice. (I
think I brought him with those beers)
Then he said, but you had something when your mother asked.
(she suddently needed a persent for a friend who got fired
and wanted vokda, but I didnt have any unpoend bottles, so
she didnt buy one of me, the allmost never drinks, and when
she does, its one one glass of wine, thank Good)
That wassent beer I said.
-What was it then he asked?
Ehh (thinking, thinking, then I rememberd, I knew he didnt
like the next thing-
I got a bottle of hot n` sweet I said. He made his rasin
face, I cant stand it he said, I knew....Thats why I said
Do you got anything else?
His face was like a little child on Christmas eve asking if
Santa had andything for him.
Well, there is a little bit absolut vokda..... I didnt
wasnted to say it, but my bar things are in the top of my
closet and Im not suspecting him or anything, but he might
have been there checking it out, and knew about it.
His face brightned up like the face of the old, discusting
man in Oliver Twist when his little thifs brough him
jewerly home.
That would taske he said.

So I want down for it, Tommy was in the bathroom
downstares, I didnt want him to see what I was doning, I
was going to tell him, but not now, I was in shock.
I hide the botle, in case he would fine me on the way out
from the bathroom, but he didnt.
Then I gace my father the bottle, he said thanks and was
First he said he was taking it down to my room, then he
said he was buying me a new one, it was less the half left
(big bottle) I said he didnt had to.
He told me a lot of thimes that he loved me that evning, I
told him the same. But do you think I beleved him??

Then I went down to Tommy in my bed, I wasnt ready to talk
about it yet. Could not belive it, how could he go so low?
Getting alchohol from his own doughther?
Should it not be the other way around?
Me drinking to much and he wrooing about that???
Tommy could se something was wrong, and asked, I told him I
would tell him about it later. My dad migh her us, so that
was one of the reasons.
He got a but upset, there is always something with you he
You need to not care that much, scared for an exsam, my
birthday, Kellys problems, thetre is always something!
I told him that I could not just stop caring about the
people around me.
We didnt make love that night, none of us tried to. I didnt
want to and he could se it.