Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-10-16 11:51:43 (UTC)

Questions for whoever...

Today is just a rambling day.
Last night I told my husband about the Tyler's Adventure
story and he said really, I thought that it was a Bud Light
and a bar stool that brought me to you! I had to laugh
about that one....
Last night I played the Disney version of the game Sorry!
with my son, and even though I honestly tried to play the
game well, I still lost to him. He thought that that was
incredibly funny.
Here's my question. With my pregnancy, I always fall
asleep on my right side, but somehow always turn over to
sleep on my left, facing him. Apparently because of how I
am breathing right now (ragweed is in season), it is waking
my husband up so he pokes me or wakes me up somehow to ask
me to roll over to my right side. If I roll over to my
right, the baby wakes up and starts getting really active
and then I can't sleep. I know that this is only going to
get worse over the next three months, so I offered to find
someplace else to sleep. My husband was very offended.
Why? I am only trying to help him. Is it that he actually
wouldn't be able to sleep b/c I wasn't there (like I can't
when he's not there)? I wish sometimes he would just tell
me things like that rather than leaving me to decipher them
for myself.
Anywho, that's it for today! Later.