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2003-10-16 09:25:10 (UTC)


Yes, I'm sad because my asshole father is giving me a hard
time. He's doing so because I "type too loud"? I don't get
what the deal is, just get a fucking quiter keyboard. Like
the ones that are connected to the lab tops. Besides I can
never type fast on those, it feels like I haven't pressed
the letter in hard enough. I do want a lap top in the
future so it would be great practice.

Actually that's the part that gets me mad. The reason I'm
sad is cause I haven't hung out with my friends since
Friday. It's Thursday now and I still won't be able to do
anything today. Nor tomorrow, Nor saturday, and who knows
about Sunday. I'm not gonna be able to do anything on...
well actually let's do this visually...

XXX ----XX-----XX-----XX-----XX / XX / XX / XXX

/ symbolizes when we are definately not hanging out
O symbolizes that there is hope that we might
? who knows/ anything goes
* leave for Germany, can't hang that day
- symbolizes days past

NOTE: calendar starts from this week going on to next.

So in total We have a maximum of 4 possibilities which...
isn't bad, but it's not for sure. I don't know how or if
I'm gonna work next week, or if they have something planned.

I wanna plan a going away hang out. The best day would be
Sunday. Well no, actually Saturday since no one has to go
to school the next day, but it's still a little too early.
If I do it on a wednesday or a thursday though, I'm not
sure that will work out the best that I want it to. Liz and
Anna would definately come, and I really want them to, to
whatever this may be, but they would leave right around
10:00 p.m, which gives us around 5 hours in total. Now
subtract all that driving from one place to another and
getting together crap, thinking up what's next, then
there's not much else, and what the hell is there to do on
a Thursday night? I wouldn't wanna come home early. Fuck
what Ron says. I wouldn't get jet lag to the point where
I'm drooling on myself. I'd just sleep about the same
amount of time I usually used to sleep. I felt great back
then. Maybe it's cause I hung out with my FRIENDS. I miss
them so much. Fuck, I was suppose to call Teresa but I had
to work late, and she said I couldn't reach her on the
weekend, so I didn't try. I'm gonna call you before I
leave. I'll send you something too. I wouldn't risk a
package, cause my director sent one to his wife last time
they were in Gemany, and he still didn't get it. So I'm
going with postcards all the way. I miss you dude!!!

UUUghh. I hate this. Just took a pause to research some
clubs. And though I did find some great stuff going on on
Saturdays, and Fridays, I didn't find anything good for
Thursday, or Wednesday. I'll still check explosion. I do
want to organize some get together, but I don't know what
to organize since diffirent people like different things,
can stay at different times, can afford different things,
and so on and so forth. Besides, and I may be getting into
excuses here, but besides, I don't have a car or a place to
meet. I would feel kinda akward if I wanted to organize
something and I'd ask others for a ride there and if to
hang or get together, to do it at someone else's house. I
wouldn't mind mine, but it's very small, and I'd be a bad
host if I'd make my friends stay outside. Inside though,
it'd be just akward. I know my friends would volunteer
their cars and places to hang, but I don't want to
inconvenience them, also I like to be in charge, can't do
that at someone else's house. Ugh I need out. I'm still
gonna do something. I just need to start with an idea, and
a list of who. Okay I'll try, but these things usually
don't work out for me. Here we go:

Definately will come and up for most anything:

2nd Degree of coming:
Eric Liz
Tequila Anna

3rd degree, and prabobly won't:

Here in lie the problems:
Liz and Anna would leave around 10, and steph would
prabobly go with them, ridding us of almost all the girls.
Later since Christina is the only one left in that
direction, I would have to drive her home, if the guys are
still doing something afterwards which they prabobly won't.
There's something about a bunch of guys at night that they
find gay. Go figure.
Next, I don't want this to be just the everyday pool,
laser quest, bowling, IHOP/Denny's, movie, or downtown
thing. I want it to be diffirent. Special in a way. We
don't have to bust cherries, but as long as it's something
where everyone is happy. It would be best if there's lots
of diverse things to do there. But not like chuck e.
cheese, or and arcade. Like real diverse. I'd like it to be
kinda classy, but it doesn't have to be since I'm starting
to get picky. I have this picture in my mind of girls in
dresses, and everyone semi-formal in some kinda dine and
dance thing. But Tim HATES to dance so it can't really be
that. I can't make him do things he hates. I gotta find
some fun events. We will be going to dinner at one point in
the evening, I just don't know where. Let's investigate
shall we?

Oh and we must keep in mind that Chris is still only 17,
another limitation at times.

I'll keep writing stuff while this freaking shit loads. I
just got an idea. OPTIONS. I'll have a list of what's going
on where when, what it's like so if someone doesn't like
plan A, or it bombs, we can always have back up. I'll make
it like cartman with the Shit on the walls brochures.

Ok, so far I'm even more tired then before and it's 3:30.
Ugh. Still sad and mad, but atleast I'm not waking anyone

Well, I did it, it's almost 4 but I kinda got an outline in
my head and several not bad links in my favorites. I'm
maybe hoping to do something halloween since I won't be
there for that. I was basing my search around events, and
we can just eat after whatever we do, wherever we do it.
There's food everywhere anyway. Most of my links either
pointed me very much south, or very much east. Around the
same area. So it would be grand if some of those ideas
would connect. When it comes to eating, I was thinking that
Ed devericks or whatever it's called has not been fully
experianced by me. I would like to see them dance on the
tables. Plus maybe they'll do something special for me
since it's kinda of a going away hang.

I've also come to the conclusion that metro mix sucks.
REally, REALLY bad. It hardly provides you with good
reviews by pros, and never a link to the actual site of the
place that has the event. IF there is something written
about the event, it is very vague and never enough to make
you wanna do it.

But anyway...ok crap. My calculations were a bit off, and
this stuff isn't as close as it seems, and it's half as
interesting as I would have liked. I must do another
search. In a different thinga majiggy then metro mix. But
this is a journey for another day. Taking up another
several hours. Pherhaps when I wake up from my sleep. 4:30
now, must go, ooh, how about a flash mob... zzzz must
sleep, my thoughts will keep me up for a little while
though. Must make bed and think about this and Germany.