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2003-10-16 03:51:37 (UTC)

How I Spent My Wednesday Evening

So I have just spent the last hour and a half fighting
with the food saver to seal up four bath towels and a pair
of sheets and let me tell you that I finally had success!
Yay for me!

Yes, I hear your questions of "Why ~L, why? Why are you
saving your linens in airtight plastic baggies? Have you
lost your mind?" And to that I say, oh no! I have not!
They were from when I was living alone (well, with the
roommate from hell actually) and since I no longer have a
king sized bed and I can use the towels provided for me
instead of wearing out my own, this was a good way to get
them small and storable and a way to kill and hour and a

It's really cool actually. A pain in the butt if you're
not gonna save something for a very long time, but since I
have no idea how long my cloth goods will be in storage it
works well. I am impressed.

So, to sum up............

that's it.


Oh yes, and happy 500th entry to me!! Wow! I've never kept
anything for this long. Congrats!