Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-10-15 16:14:14 (UTC)

SInce our LAST episode...


First, someone I knew in Indiana lost her baby this week.
He wasn't even 5 month old yet I don't think. He fell off
the bed. I was a wreck. Not only was he a beautiful baby
when I saw him, but it made me think how lucky she was,
cause I'll probably never have one of my own. And I'd like
to , someday. My sincere condolences to you Kasey. It's not
fair. It's not right. A mother should never live to see her
children go away...

Well, the guy I met, Josh. We are going to be very good
friends, I think. He's rapidly growing on me already. He is
incredible, in how much we have in common. I can't even
count how many time we have practically filled in each
other sentences when it come to talking about things we
like. I almost wish there was more attraction between us,
cause he is so wonderful a person, we could be great
together, but alas, there isn't. Howver, we will be GREAT
friends! We even went to see a drag show in colombia, and
had a blast, even if my roomate did decide to ruin it

He also introduce me to his friend JeJe. She is soooo cool.
Very outspoken and honest, and a genuine person. I enjoy
ever moment I'm around her, She has this energy that
affects the entire room when she walks in, even when you
can tell she is tired...

I've lost my sex drive. I haven't even jacked off in over a
week. This is TOTALLY unlike me and hasn't happened without
the influence of anti-depressants before. I wonder if I
should be worried? Maybe i'm under more stress than I'm
letting myself realize???

I haven't heard back from Software, ETC yet about the ass't
mgr position yet. I'm gonna call up today and let ronnie
know I'm still interested in the position...

Well, I really miss my family sometimes. I hate to see such
a strong family bond out of so many of my friends, and then
turn and look at mine. I know I'm partially to blame, but
the whole gay thing just gets in the way.

Well, My bankruptcy is finally done and paid. I'm catching
up on ALL my remaining bills this week, and I'm gonna start
saving money and enroll in school this next couple paychex.
Wish me luck.

guess thats it. My time is up on the library comp, and I
gotta go do laudry at the laundromat, so I guess