Nick's Journal
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2003-10-15 14:23:34 (UTC)

New York and Job Interviews

So i went to new york for job interviews (aka i went up to
stand on the corner of the business world and whored
myself out to any companies that happened to pass by,
using my resume as foreplay). man i love new york! i'm
sorry but it is sweet there, i mean it is a cauldron of
disgruntled people who look like they'd floss their teeth
with your small intestines. however, my father would
constantly bother them for directions, i seriously thought
we'd die so many times.
anyhow, talk about dis-heartening! all the people i
interviewd with were fucking miserable! well not all of
them, specifically just this one guy. man did he fucking
hate his life.....i dont' even think he hated his job so
much as he hated himself, his wife, his new-born baby,
and "the shackles that are complimentary of married
life." he kept on wanting to hear about college
(something which i didn't want to elucidate too much for
him). but seriously he fucking hated his life, he was
drinking like a fiend for lunch and couldn't believe it
when i declined the alcohol. all the people i interviewed
with were so nice and friendly and cool, i couldn't
believe it! for some reason i expected them to be
completely hostile to my hopes for advancing down the road
of life. one of the guys i interviewed with cussed like a
sailor, he was so great.
he was making fun of all the "assholes that think they can
get by with their bullshit drive", he was telling me how
their "drive" was just some idealistic bullshit they carry
with them from college, that is basically squashed to
pieces when they get into the real world. absolutely
charming...but funny i must say.
new york oh man. it is a lot like vienna really, or more
accurately it is ummmm like a big city. it swallows you
up with blatant disregard for your individuality. if
anonymity is your name then new york is your safe haven.
just walk along the streets that disguise you as just
another ant in a colony. basically i think that you have
to have a good sense of who the fuck you are to not hate a
place like new york, cos noone is going to validate your
achievements or aknowledge who you are. i just think it's
kind of interesting.
well i had a great time there and the food was fucking
good (and expensive) and the cigarettes were
astronomically priced, man if there is ever a place you
smoke cigarettes like joints it's new york, roach clips
for cigarettes, cos you sure as hell dont wanna spend 6
bucks per pack without getting all the good out of it.
more than likely i'll be taking a job up there and i
really can't wait to be swept into the crowds with the
broom of conformity.