Life In Munchkin Land
2003-10-15 01:40:29 (UTC)

Long time

It's been a long time since I wrote on this thing. So much
has happened since then. School started, finally a senior!
Yeah, I like thought of it being my last year of high
school but honestly I don't think I'm ready for the real
world to come knockin at my door. I'm doing decent this
year, or at least I think I am. I'm still in color guard
although right now its kinda stressful, I'm also doing crew
for fall play and most likely joinin the bowling team this
year. I need more extra-curriculars for college, even though
I'm already in Central Penn. This summer is going to be a
new exierence, I'm possibly marching drumcorp with Bj. I'm
exited about that it'll be something different for me to
try. Also I think the distance from certain people around
here would be a good thing. Saturday night I went to a
haunted house/trail in Elysburg with my family and Starrs
family and the greatest guy ever Alex. It was
umm..Different. I will never be able to look at another
chainsaw as long as I live thanks to Alex. He had them come
after me, yes I'll admit it I CRIED! I hate the sound of
those things! Sunday was great too. Alex came up and we
drove around, I got him lost in forest Hill and Redbank it
was great. I thought I was going to die though on our little
walk because the hunters are out shooting and getting ready
for hunting season. Then we were passed by numerous amish
people who smelled on the raunchy side. I also went shopping
with my aunt and got some nifty new glowin the dark undies.
They are hott they say "Princess" also I got a pair of
coolio pants that read "Shorty" haha how ironic. I recently
made a few changes to myself looks and personality wise. My
hair is a deep purple now its hott! As for personality I
changed the people I hang out with, well some of them. Such
as one in particular only one person knows who that is
tho...Only because I made a promise to him and I plan to
keep it. Umm anyway I think I'm going to get a shower
now..I'll write more sometime when I have time!