champagne supernova
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2003-10-15 00:52:56 (UTC)

blue point siamese

ok, funniest thing happened today i was looking for my
favorite cd, which is incubus' "morning view" and i havent
been able to find it for months, and what cd do i come
across? ricky martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao, oh dear lord i
was laughing so hard...its from like 7th grade and im
listening to it right now and its so freaking hilarious. i
highly recommend you listen to it for a good chuckel, good
stuff. anyway i havent genuinly wrote for awhile so im
gonna take a stab at it now.

so i did get the job at a "sandwhich artist"
heheh hey jobs' a job. i did really well on my first
progress report, i got 3 a's 2 b's and a passing ( im a
t.a) and one of those b's is now an a. who knows maybe ill
get straight a's!!! so of course all this now means i get
to go see bobby over christmas break since i got the job at
subway, and i can finally start driving
leagally!....shhhhh..dont tell ive been driving
illegaly!!!!!!!!! also i got a new kitty! i found her
outside and now shes mine , i went and bought everythin for
her, and got her a little name tag, shes adorable ehr name
is inks, casue it looks like somone poured ink all over
her!!!! but yea so thats all for now, more to come later


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