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2003-10-14 23:30:35 (UTC)

New Beginnings8

It seemed as if the moment my head hit the pillow I was
out and only a few minutes later there was a knock at my
door. "Come in." I said, as I pulled myself into a sitting
"Hey Marci." Gray said as he entered the room with a
sweeping prescense. " You weren't sleeping were you?"
" Just starting to drift off, but that's okay." I
responded with a yawn trying to fight the urge to stare at
him. " What's on your mind?"
" I was just wondering if you're going to join the new
race, or go back to living in your little world knowing
what you know?" He said as plainly as it could be said. I
noticed his eyes drift slowly up and down my body. I
pulled the blanket just a little tighter around myself and
answered uncertainly," I'm not sure yet, but I'm leaning
more towards staying here and trying this, even though I'm
not so sure I believe it all." I finished pushing my hair
out of my eyes." I just wonder about my mom, that's all, I
miss her." Just than another knock was heard at the
door. " Who is it?" I called, feeling exasperated.
Couldn't anyone have a moment of peace around here?
" The doctor has requested that everyone meet him
downstairs in ten minutes for dinner." An unfamiliar voice
said almost mechanically.
" All right I'll be there in a few minutes." I responded
with a roll of my eyes at Gray who muffled a laugh. Gray
waited until the echo of retreating footsteps could be
heard before continuing, " In any event I do hope you
choose to stay here with me, and the others of course." He
said after a pause. " It just wouldn't be the same without
" Have you talked to everyone else already?" I asked him,
astonished that he'd have covered the bases so well.
" Yes, and so far everyone except you and Raine are sold
on the idea." Gray responded as he got up from his pearch
on the end of the bed. " I suppose I'll see you at dinner
" Yeah, tell everyone not to wait for me." I said as Gray
went out the door with a nod of agreement. I fell back on
the bed with a sigh. I didn't know what it was about Gray
that made my palms sweat and my heart beat, but whatever
it was I had to stop it. There was no way that I could
make rational decisions about the present situation with
thoughts of Gray getting in the way. As I pulled myself up
from the bed and began getting ready Gray's soft voice
echoed in my mind. " You have to stay, it just wouldn't be
the same without you."

Dinner was altogether uneventful. The food was
good and we were informed that we would be arriving at our
destination in Sydney, Austrailia in approximatly 2 hours.
We were basically told that our personal decision of
whether or not we were going to go through with Doctor
Henderson's plans had to be made by the time we landed in
Austrailia. So many things were running through my mind at
the time, I didn't know what issues to address first.
Something I'd been wondering since Doctor Henderson had
made his proposal ran through my mind, and I felt I needed
to know that answer before I could respond any
further. "Where can I find the doctor, I need to talk to
him?" I asked the lady clearing the table.
"Furthest back quarters on the left." She spoke softly,
averting my eyes. I walked swiftly out of the meeting
room, determined not to be bypassed . I couldn't believe I
hadn't thought to ask earlier as I knocked quickly on the
doctors door.
" Come in. " His soft voice invited. As I pushed open the
door the only thought on my mind was getting all of my
questions answered. " Ah, Marci, I had a feeling it might
be you. Why don't you make yourself comfortable?" He
spoke, gesturing to a leather chair near the window. "How
can I help you?" The man said as he sunk into a similar
chair also near the window.
" Doctor Henderson, you said earlier that you came to know
about me when you met my father at a business convention,
how long ago was it?" I asked trying hard not to build my
hopes up. I missed my father so much, I would almost give
anything to see him, just long enough so I could find out
what mom and I had done wrong. What we'd done so wrong to
make him leave us.
" Oh Marci, " the doctor said with a sigh as a sadness
spread over his face. " I didn't want to be the one to
tell you this, but your father...." He paused and looked
out the window. I had a feeling I already knew what he was
going to say. " Marcie, your father is dead."
" How? " Was all I could manage to whisper. "How did it
"Cancer." Doctor Henderson said simply, and looked at me.
He turned as if he wanted to say more, but didn't know
how. Not knowing what else to say, I got up to leave.
" I'm so sorry Marci," He continued, " Was that all you
came here to ask me?"
" No," I finally spoke with my hand on the door. "Why me?"
I asked, searching his face for the answer.
" You'll find out soon enough my dear," The doctor
said. "You'll learn when the time is right." Without
waiting for further explanation I opened the door and
walked out.