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2003-10-14 23:29:59 (UTC)

New Beginnings7

" Yes, actually." Sophie responded looking far too much
like an eager child ready to devour an ice cream cone on a
hot day. "Why doesn't the whole world know about this
discovery, I mean couldn't you make a ton of money from
all of this?"
" The answer to that is simple Sophie." The doctor
responded." We have learned so much from all of the
recordings of this lost race. If certain power hungry
people were to get ahold of it who knows what they would
do with it. Now by keeping it to ourselves we can
carefully select the people to begin the new race."
" Damian mentioned something about us being the new race
before, what does that mean?" I inquired. " And what does
any of this have to do with nuclear war?"
" To keep it short Marci, we have discovered and
stockpiled a safe haven under layers and layers of ice in
Antarctica. It is a city that can hold nearly 1,000 people
for up to 120 years. We utilized the information and
structures previously there from the Atlantis' people. We
plan on selecting 1,000 people to live there until the
nuclear war up above on Earth's surface is long since over
and there is no threat of nuclear contamination left.
Basically we are selecting 1,000 people that will be the
only human survivors left after the war is over. You will
be part of that new race." His eyes sparkled almost
" Oh my God!" Raine said with a gasp. " Are you telling us
the truth?"
" Yes Raine, I'm afraid so. As sad as it sounds, you
should all consider yourselves very lucky to be a part of
"Oh wow." I muttered under my breath. This was all so much
to comprehend at once. Just imagining living under layers
of ice and leaving everyone I loved behind to die sent
shudders down my spine.
" Now I know you all have a lot to think about and that is
understandable. If you have any questions feel free to ask
away at any time." Doctor Henderson replied generously.
After a brief pause I asked what was on my mind.
" What if we don't want to be part of the new race?"
The doctor looked at me in astonishment and asked " Why
wouldn't you want to be part of it? Would you rather die?"
" No, of course not." I responded quickly. " But what
about our families?" I said instantly bringing a picture
of my mother to mind.
" Yeah, I can't leave my parents behind." Raine said,
backing me up.
" Unfortunately there is only room for so many people and
we had to be very picky in our selection." The doctor
replied. "Your families have been notified of your
whereabouts, so there will be no hang-ups." This was so
much to think about. I thought I could trust him, but what
if I couldn't?
" How did we get chosen then?" Jacob asked the doctor,
interuppting my thoughts again as he got strait to the
" Well, the truth is I served in W.W.II with Marci's
grandfather and we were very close friends. A few years
ago I met Marci's father at a business convention and I
found out about her. After finding out about the war I
knew Marci would be one of the 1,000 chosen. The rest of
you were chosen so Marci would have people her age that
she knew around so she could feel comfortable."
" So they are all here because of me?" I asked in
surprise, as a feeling similar to guilt washed over me.
" Yes Marci, that's right. Now I suggest that all of you
go to a sleeping quarters and think long and hard about
this. I will have my servants show you the way. They will
come and get you for dinner in a couple of hours. Sound
good?" Everyone murmured soft approval. I couldn't even
form words at the moment.
" All right then." Doctor Henderson pushed a button and
five servants appeared at the doorway instantly. " Follow
them." The doctor replied. " And get some rest if you can;
you'll need it." He said with a smug smile as we left the

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