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2003-10-14 23:29:28 (UTC)

New Beginnings6

As I stepped into the plane, a cold rush of air hit me. I
looked around in astonishment at how extravagant the
interior of the jet really was. The walls were lined with
cases and shelves full of beautiful artwork, pottery, and
all kinds of books.
" Wow guys look, a Mona Lisa!" Jacob exclaimed pointing at
a painting in the case.
" It has to be a fake." Sophie explained indignantly. "
The real one is hung up in a museum in Europe."
" Quite the contrary Sophie." A smooth voice replied. We
all spun around to find a short, distinguished looking man
with white hair standing behind us.
" That is the original, bought behind the scenes for
approximately $10,000,000 ."
" Impossible!" Sophie exclaimed her eyes roaming the
entire length of the painting. " The art world would never
do that."
" I'm afraid they did my dearest." The man finished with a
satisfied smirk. " Pardon me for being so rude, I am
Doctor Henderson." He concluded smoothly as his eyes met
mine. I found myself unable to look away for a moment
before finally turning to inspect the painting with
feigned interest. I couldn't help feeling like there was
something about him that seemed familiar. My thoughts were
interuppted by Jacob's whiny voice.
" So I figured." He said with a hint of sarcasm. However,
the tone seemed lost as Doctor Henderson continued.
" If you'll all follow me into the meeting room then we
can proceed." He replied. As we began walking towards a
set of large oak doors, Gray fell into step beside me "
I'm not so sure that this is a good idea to be here at
all." He whispered with the fainest of breaths on my cheek.
" Well, the least we can do is humor the guy." I responded
softly, as we entered the meeting room. In the center of
the room was a long wooden table with exactly 6 seats
around it.
" Please everyone have a seat." The doctor replied. After
we were all in place he took a slow look around the table
and began. " Now I am sure that you are all wondering why
you are here." He started as we all nodded in response. "
All I ask is that you please do not speak until I am
finished. Agreed?" After we all nodded again he began. "
For quite some time now, over two years to be exact, each
and every one of you has been under close observation. I
have witnessed all of your triumphs, your defeats, your
joys, and your tears. I know you almost better than you
know yourself. The reason for all of this close
observation is because of nuclear war my children." I
looked around at everyone who in turn looked back at me.
And if there was one thing that was for sure it was that
we were all thinking the same thing.....has this guy lost
" Now I predicted your looks of disbelief, but you must
know that in fact it is certain. In exactly 12 days on
June 16th of 2006 the Republic of Russia and China will
formally declare an all out war on the United States of
America. Can you imagine the three biggest powers on the
planet declaring nuclear war on each other? Imagine the
destruction." Doctor Henderson finished, looking at us
" Are you serious?" I asked in disbelief. Even though I
had just met this man I already felt a growing respect and
trust for him. The concept that he was predicting made my
heart begin to pound.
" Unfortunately I am serious." He replied with a sad nod
of his head. " We have known about this for some time now."
" How long would that be?" Sophie asked in a voice no less
than a whisper, her eyes wide with fear.
" For about six months we have been positive, but the
prospect has been around for nearly 2 1/2 years."
" How do you know all of this?" Raine asked with a tremor
in her voice.
" Let's just say that I have friends everywhere." The
doctor answered patiently, waiting for all of our
" Where do we come in to all of this?" Gray inquired,
asking the question on everyone's mind.
" Well, for as long as I can remember I have been
interested in plate tectonics. You've all heard of it
correct?" He continued after everyone nodded. " Well,
about six years ago some of my men that were excavating
oil in Antarctica came across some very strange artifacts.
Of course they immediately contacted me. I flew down a few
hours later with a archeological team. We began at once to
recover these specimens that were frozen in blocks of ice.
Not long after we'd been digging I heard shouting from a
few men who had been sent as scouts to survey the terrain.
They reported that they had found a temple frozen
underground! You can believe my astonishment when after
following up on the lead it turned out to be true. A few
hundred feet below sea level we had discovered the ruins
of what we believe to be the lost city of Atlantis."
" Atlantis!" Sophie gasped in surprise. " Really?"
" Really." Doctor Henderson said with a smile not even
trying to hide his satisfaction.
" What's Atlantis?" Raine asked timidly.
" You don't know what Atlantis is?" Jacob asked with a
look of disbelief on his round, olive face.
" No, why should I ?" She replied, looking mildly
" Not to worry my dear, I'll explain." Doctor Henderson
stated. " Atlantis was a myth among historians. A city and
culture believed by some to have existed. Long ago,
before any recorded civilizations, at about 2000 B.C., a
highly evolved race was said to have existed. They were a
peaceful race as a whole, but far advanced for any
civilization at that time. Their theories of physics and
astronomy were centuries ahead of their time. Enabling
them to build beautiful temples, homes, and sanctuaries.
Keep in mind that the first "intelligent" civilization
isn't supposed to have occurred until 500 B.C." The doctor
continued. "At about 1200 B.C. a meteor shower hit the
Earth and nearly wiped out all of this powerful race. The
city of Atlantis sank into the ocean and the legacy of the
people was supposedly wiped out for good. With only traces
of it evident in Egyptian and other various cultures. And
we discovered the lost city beneath the continent of
Antarctica." Doctor Henderson finished. " Any questions?"

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