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2003-10-14 23:28:55 (UTC)

New Beginnings5

" Excuse me?" Sophie said " But what exactly do you mean
by the new race, are you in some sort of cult?"
" No my dear." The man said with a grin." I am not in a
cult, but unfortunately for security reasons I cannot
divulge any more information. Now who is coming with me?"
He said as he began to walk away.
" Wait a minute!" Gray shouted as Jacob started to follow
the man. " No one is going with you until we at least know
your name. How do we know you won't murder us?"
" My name is Damian." He said turning back to us. " Do not
worry, I will not hurt you. You must trust me. The fate of
human existence depends on it." Damian said as he began
walking away again.
" What do you mean by that?" I inquired feeling a stange
compulsion to find out what was going on.
" I've told you too much already." Damian replied. "We
must leave now."
As the man began walking away once again, I looked around
at everyone. Everyone looked as if they trusted the man
which was exactly how I was feeling at that moment.
" What are we going to do?" I asked them all.
" I'll try anything once." Jacob said " Count me in."
" I'm really curious too." Sophie replied, brushing her
bushy red hair out of her eyes. "This sounds interesting."
I looked at Gray with a questioning look in my eyes.
" I agree with Jacob, you only live once." Gray said with
a shaky smile. " What about you Raine?" He said, turning
to her as she squelched her cigarette.
" Well you are certainly not leaving me behind." Raine
said hurriedly, " I just hope we get back before my
manicure at 3:00." She said as she gazed down at her nails
in disgust.
"Well, let's go then." I said as I began walking to the
van where Damian was patiently waiting. All my life I had
longed for an adventure, and now I finally had one in
front of me, I sure wasn't going to let it pass by me. As
we all piled into the back of the van Damian looked back
and said," Everyone settled in? We got a long trip ahead
of us." I threw a worried glance at Gray. What are we
getting ourselves into? I asked myself. What are we
getting into?

After about two hours of driving, the van pulled
into a lone gravel drive in the middle of nowhere.
" How long until we get to wherever we're going?" Raine
asked Damian in the same manner you would speak to a
servant in.
" We're almost there." He said with a patience that could
only be practice, "Only a few more minutes." Just as he
uttered those words we came upon a break in the trees
where a miniature airstrip had been created. A small jet
sat at the end of the runway. No humans were in sight. As
we pulled right up next to the door of the jet, the van
jerked to a stop. " Everybody out, we're here." Damian
said almost cheerfully.
" Where the hell is here?" Gray asked while simultaneously
gazing around him.I felt myself wondering the same thing.
" Obviously out in the middle of hicksville." Raine
responded with a grunt. " It's 2:56 already! There's no
way I can make it back for my manicure in time!"
" Not to worry my dear." Damian replied with a smile. "
Welcome to Doctor Bradley Henderson's private jet. It's
equipped with everything from gourmet foods to servants to
give manicures." He finished with a flourish of his hands.
" Who is Doctor Henderson?" Sophie questioned while
everyone looked at each other in puzzlement.
" Doctor Henderson is a retired Colonel from W.W.II turned
physicist. Basically the man is a really rich genius." He
finished with a gesture of his arm. " Though I suggest you
meet him for yourself." Damian began walking briskly
towards the jet. No one hesitated in following him. We all
pretty much realized that we'd come this far, so what was
the harm in meeting this man? Little did we know how much
meeting Doctor Henderson really would change our lives.

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