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2003-10-14 23:28:25 (UTC)

New Beginnings4

My thoughts were interrupted as the school nerd, Sophie
Marshall rode up on her 10 speed bicycle.
" Are you guys here because of the letter?" She asked as
she propped her bike up against the gate of the cemetery.
" Did you write the letters?" I asked eyeing her tightly
wound red hair and wire rim glasses, somebody really
needed to give this girl a makeover.
" No." Sophie said as she pushed her glasses up on her
nose, and diverting her eyes to the ground.
" Then how did you know about them?" Gray asked with
nothing short of disgust.
" Well, I just figured that if someone went to this great
of lengths to get me here that I couldn't be the only one
they wanted." She replied matter of factly. "Besides why
else would the two of you be hanging out at a cemetery
" Good detective work." I said as I sank onto the cool
grass. " Do you know what's going on?" I asked doubting
that she did.
" No clue whatsoever." She answered. " But that's why I'm
here, to find out."
" I just hope whoever wants us here gets here soon." Gray
said as he checked his watch. "They have exactly five
minutes until noon, then I'm outta here." Just then, an
all too familiar silver Corvette squealed around the
corner and stopped in front of the cemetery. None other
then Raine Pierce, the richest girl in town, stepped out
of the drivers seat her long legs covered in leather
leading the way. The passenger door swung open and Jacob
Baxtor, the biggest do-gooder in town, jumped out with an
armload of posters.
" Hello everyone!" Raine sang out as she walked briskly to
us. " Are we all here for the same reason?" She asked
waving a letter that looked identical to mine. I nodded in
agreement and looked strangely at Jacob who in turn was
studying me.
" I suppose your wondering why he came with me." Raine
said gesturing to Jacob with something close to disgust. "
The reason is because I saw him walking this direction and
so I asked if I could give him a ride somewhere and it
turned out we were going to the same place for the same
reason." She finished with a satisfied sigh as she pulled
a Malboro Light out of her pocket and lit it illuminating
her dark brown hair and chocolate eyes." Anyone want? "
She offered as we all shook our heads no.
"It is so weird that all of us are here together when none
of us are even friends." Jacob replied out of the blue. I
looked at him startled. I had just been thinking the exact
same thing. I mean it was really weird that of all of the
people to be there none of us were friends. In fact we
were all as different as night and day. There was me the
cheerleader, Gray the loner, Sophie the brain, Raine the
rich girl, and Jacob the everything man. We were actually
the weirdest mix of people to have together in one place.
My thoughts were interrupted as a large black van pulled
over to the curb just in front of Raine's car.
" Finally." Gray murmured as a tall man in a black suit
stepped out of the van and began slowly walking toward us.
As he drew nearer I could see that he really wasn't a bad
looking man at all, with a firm jaw and the brightest blue
eyes I had ever seen. It didn't take a rocket scientist to
figure out that he was counting us.
" Five...... Good, you're all here." The man said with a
brief smile. " It is now that you must decide whether or
not you want to proceed."
" Proceed with what?" Raine asked as she looked the man
suspiciously up and down.
" I'm sorry that I cannot give you any more information."
He said slowly eyeing her cigarette. " All you need to
know is that if you come with me your lives will never be
the same again. You are to be the new race."

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