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2003-10-14 23:27:58 (UTC)

New Beginnings3

Who the hell sent this? I thought as I checked the
envelope for any evidence of it's sender. There was none.
No postmark, no return address, no nothing. Funny, I
thought. What's this all about? Come alone for the chance
of sudden change? It was so weird reading those words. It
was like someone had gotten into my head. For as long as I
could remember the one thing in life that I always longed
for was change. Change and spontaneity. Well, here was my
chance. Carpe diem! Seize the day Marci ! I thought as I
gazed up at the clock. 11:22. That leaves me exactly 38
minutes to get ready. I shook my head, my decision was
made, I was going to the cemetery.


The walk to the cemetery was a lonely one. The day
had turned dark and gloomy seemingly in the matter of an
hour, and no one else seemed to be around. I clutched a
small can of mace tightly in my left hand as I turned the
corner on the same block as the cemetery. I could see the
towering gates of the cemetery looming darkly half a block
ahead of me. As I neared closer there wasn't a soul in
sight. A soul in sight, I thought with a chuckle, I made a
" What are you smiling about?" A deep voice asked with a
hint of amusement, as Gray Smith stepped out of the
shadows.If felt as if I had jumped three feet in the air.
" What do you do Gray, hang out in the cemetery just so
you can scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting
passerby's?" I snarled at him, the can of mase ready in my
" Down girl," Gray said with a slow smile, " I'm just a
passerby myself. Why are you here?" He said looking
suspiciously at the letter clutched in my right hand.
" Just visiting relatives." I said sarcastically,
gesturing to the cemetery.
" Oh really," Gray said " Then what's this?" He asked as
he grabbed the letter out of my hand.
" Hey give that back!" I shouted as I tried to wrestle it
away from him, feeling the strong muscles in his back
ripple as he suceeded in his goal.
" Whoa! This is the exact same letter as I got." Gray
said, handing the letter back and pulling an identical one
out of his pocket.
" Here, take a look." He said as he handed me the letter.
Sure enough it was the same.
" Do you have any idea who wrote these letters?" I asked
him, looking deeply into his hazel eyes which glittered in
" If I did I probably wouldn't be here." Gray said as I
pulled my gaze from his. That's for sure, I thought to
myself, painfully aware of the way his blonde hair spilled
onto his face.Shaking my head to clear away those
thoughts, I thought about all I knew of Gray. If there
was one thing I knew for sure, it was that Gray Smith was
a loner. From the first day he moved to Roanoak he had
never had a single friend. Why did both of us get the same
letter? I wondered all at once. And who were they from?

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