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2003-10-14 23:26:57 (UTC)

New Beginnings1

The day that I got the letter was a day like any other. I
had gotten up that warm, June morning around eight o'clock
and went downstairs. " Has Tiffany called ? " I asked my
mother Susan,as I poured myself a glass of orange juice.
Her brief pause allowed my to study her with nothing short
of scrutiny. I noticed the way her once silky long blonde
hair was starting to grey and become frazzled at the ends.
Her face that had always been the picture of an angel was
now beginning to sag with wrinkles far beyond those you
would expect on a 40 year old. I couldn't help but sigh
knowing the reason why she was looking so despondant.
" No." Mom said while shuffling through the mail. " Is she
supposed to?"
" Yeah, we were planning on going shopping in Gladsbrooke
today, if that's okay with you." I responded
" You do what you want anyway Marci, " Mom said with a
smile. " Why should today be any different?"
" Funny," I said with a laugh, joking with my mother
before work had almost become a tradition since dad had
left on "business" almost 2 years ago." Any mail for me?"
" Yeah there's a postcard from Uncle Alan in Greece and a
letter with no return address." She called back as she
left the room. " I'm leaving for work now Marci, there's
leftovers in the fridge if you get hungry and be careful
in Gladsbrooke." She said as the door closed with a click.
I grabbed my mail off of the stack and headed upstairs to
take a shower. Before climbing in I decided to open my
mail. Knowing how absent minded I was I figured that if I
didn't open it now I would end up forgetting and never get
around to it. The postcard from Uncle Alan was as corny as
usual. "Greetings from Greece!" It read. " Hope the
weather is as good in Iowa!" Leave it to her mom's
brother to send the corniest postcard he could find I
thought to myself with a chuckle. As I picked up the next
letter, the phone rang. I jumped to answer it. " Hello?" I
asked while slicing open the envelope.

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