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2003-10-14 14:37:49 (UTC)

So long so soon..

It's been forever since I wrote in here. Since before
school started so how about I let everyone know what's
going on with me right at the moment.

School started August 25th. It is now October 14th. For
almost 2 months now I've been having to wake up at 6am and
start my day by going and getting yelled at by teachers who
have serious mental issues and by students who have nothing
else better to do then bother people who haven't did
anything. My classes;

1st Block-- Career Connections with Mrs. Isham : wow this
class is such a joy, oh wait, no it's not. The best part
about this class is that I get to sit next to my friends
Antoinette and Tim during it. That's about all the fun you
can have in a class where you have to talk about what
career you want when you grow up. Let me tell you
something, I dont really give a rats ass at 7 in the
morning what career I have in a year. At 7 in the morning I
dont give a shit about anything.

2nd Block-- Working with Technology 2 with Mr. Akins : The
class I am in right now. Oh it's a real joy doing the same
thing I did last year because the people down in the office
can't find a better class to put me in. So right now, I
have an E in here. Why? Because I refuse to do work I've
already done. Bottom line, and oh yes, even though it is
9:15 when I get in this class, I still dont give a rats ass
about career connections.

3rd Block-- Advanced Placement US History with Mr.
Cubberly : This is basically a class for people who think
they are smart. The whole class is failing, enough said.

and finally...

4th Block-- Junior Biology with Ms. Stine-King : This class
is probably one of the worst classes I've ever been in.
This class defines everything that is horrible and bad. The
students in the class are bad, other then that, its a fun
class. The teacher let's us curse and be loud and shit.
Such joy, I wish this class upon all people.

Oh and when I get home from soon I get to clean. Ahh yes,
the wonders of cleaning a house for an ungrateful mother
who has nothing else better to do then bitch, piss, moan
and whine about everything wrong in her life. Guess what
mommy? I don't give a flying fuck. I got my own damn
problems, it's called being 16 and in a school with some of
the worst people you can find in the state of Michigan.

ANYWHO, let me find something nicer to speak about. Well I
guess this is more calmed down but sad. My Grams had severe
back surgery yesterday. It took 6 hours. I was a nervous
wreck all day long. The last time my Grams went under an
anistedic her heart stopped beating, so we were all afraid.
We all tend to be worried about everything all the time now
after my Grandpa died suddenly last January.

On a brighter note, I actually have someone at this school
who is half way interested in me. Her name is Amanda and
she's 16. She is in my 3rd block class. We always joke
about everyone assuming we are 'dating' but I think she
might actually like me. Which is cool because I think I
like her. I don't know, I guess I'll have to give it time.
All good things come with time. As for anything dealing
with Stacy, the girl I use to really like, nothing has
changed. She still doesn't like me and often avoids the
subject all together.

Thanks for listening everyone!