Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
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2003-10-14 12:48:40 (UTC)

Stipulations and obligations

To whom does one bear obligations? and loyalty?
To thine own self be true...but we begin asserting
moral, familial, and obligatory loyalty with our family, our
friends, then our employers, our community, and finally,
on the merest glimmer of a concept of society, and
country. But where do we draw the lines? We ask
ourselves to be faithful to friends and family; "Loved
Ones". This is not a stretch. Our wiring predetermines
our need for inclusion and alliance. We must be
included in a group. Even if that group bands together
for the fact that they've all been excluded elsewhere, we
still feel the need for friendship and dependence. Our
personalities push us into passive or active rolls in this
but the actives feel the need to take care of the
passives no matter how inconvenient or burdening they
may be (to a point). Perhaps this explains in a larger
degree the dependence of the employee toward the
employer. The active roll however becomes clouded.
One would assume the active is in control and the
passive is along for the ride but in the workplace, the
employee is the active, the employer the passive. The
employer oversees while the employee produces. But
it's the fear of exclusion that keeps the employee
working. Exclusion is the cutting off of the dependence
chain and we would be alone, hungry, and cold if cast
from that circle of inclusion. We can hop from one
circle to another, job to job, but unless that sense of
inclusion exists there can be no peace. The employer
is no less dependant on that chain of inclusion for if all
his employees leave, he is the one excluded. The
threat though is much less eminent for the need of the
employees outweighs the employers need. If one
leaves, he's fine and there's always someone else
ready to be included. The employer can be choosy.
(especially with skyrocketing unemployment, thanks W)
Now the trend seems to becoming clear that this chain
of dependence is corrupted. The employee becomes
embittered when the chain of dependence becomes
weak. The employee will see this as a threat to his
inclusion. Benefits are cut, healthcare rises, wages are
lowered, coworkers laid off, rent/mortgage raises,
car/house maintenance/repairs, etc. All these are
threats to his inclusion. Fear and anger forces him to
lash out at that threat. He begins to question that chain
of dependence and wonders if there might not be
another circle more appropriate for his situation.
Has he offended his obligations? Was he obligated in
the first place? It seems clear that companies are no
longer loyal to their employees, so why should one
assume that employees should be loyal to their

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