Ramblings of a Mom
2003-10-14 12:24:50 (UTC)

It's been a little bit....

Well, it's been a couple of days since I've written. Not
that it matters, lol. Saturday was nice, I took my son to
the museum and he got to dig in a 'dinosaur pit' for
fossils. For someone who supposedly has AD/HD, he sure was
focused! He was in one spot for over an hour! He did not
move, he just focused on what he was digging up. It makes
me wonder what he will be when he grows up. He says that
he wants to be an engineer (train) and then he wants to be
a firefighter. But at the rate that he was going digging
so carefully and so thoughtfully, I never thought that he
had it in him to do paleontology!
After the digging, we went to a 3-D dinosaur movie. It was
really a good movie (Imax) and he spent most of his time
behind his hands, scared. After that we came home to meet
my husband and go to dinner. We didn't go fancy (since we
did that the night before) we just went to Taco Cabana.
Sunday my husband decided that he wanted to spend the day
at home (it's no wonder, since he is out working 6 days of
the week). He knew that I wanted to run a couple of
errands, so he told me to go on and my son stayed with
him. It was actually kind of nice to be able to go, do
what I needed (or wanted) to do, without someone tugging at
my shirt tails or a schedule to keep. I didn't have to
feel guilty that I ran into a former parent from the day
care and chatted with her, or that I spent over 30 minutes
on my cell phone before going into the store talking to my
oldest brother's wife in California.
After I got back home and we ate dinner, my husband offered
that we sit down as a family and watch the Lion King DVD I
had just bought together. So we did. It was so nice! I
know that Lion King is not exactly a 'guy thing' but he
offered, and he followed through with it, without
On to Monday. Well, we had a parent-teacher conference
with my son's teacher that morning. He is still doing
really well on the new 'behavioral program' that we put him
on. Academically, well, everything is just coming really
easy to him and he's reading words and recognizing words
and letters that they haven't even studied yet. The
teacher is amazed as how much he picks up on. It looks
like he and a few others in the class will have to have
some 'modified' curriculum in the coming months so as to
keep them challenged. He's even breezing through math!
All she could offer for us to work with him on is his 'fine
motor skills of writing within the lines or
drawing/coloring'. He hates coloring, so I can see why he
balks on drawing things with his journal. She is impressed
that he is able to just copy things off of the 'board' into
his journal accurately. Now all we can do is teach him how
to do it straight across, within the lines.
The only other thing that she mentioned was his self-
esteem. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his work,
and if he doesn't feel that it is right, he will just
scratch through all of it. From what I have read, I
understand that this is not a fault of me as a parent, but
rather a side effect, so to speak, of his disorder.
Well, after that, we went with my husband to eat breakfast
and to pick up an application for another job. They are
calling him so he is going to see what they will offer
him. He already has ideas of what it has to be before he
will accept the offer and leave where he is at. I
mentioned something to him last night to make sure that he
checks on it, and he told me that we will discuss
everything before he makes a decision one way or the
other. He is just so good that way!
Well, then my son and I ran a couple of errands, and on the
way home, we get into a minor accident (really a fender-
bender). I was changing lanes when there was someone in my
blind spot, so I scraped his van and he hit the curb. He
was really nice about it and took a fifty dollar check
to 'buy him a new rim' and called it even. I called my
husband and left him a message that we had been in a fender
bender and what came out of it. He called back and was
totally freaked out that maybe something had happened to
us. I explained to him that we were fine, and he just told
me, I can replace cars, no problem, but I can't replace
Okay, I gotta run, I am having serious issues with my
internet connection this morning. Later!