DayDream Believer
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2003-10-14 10:41:44 (UTC)

Why Im so sad today

Here is something from my pervious entry to remind you "We
went shopping, I brought two martini astris, and to
foot creams, we eate, and things where better bretween us
He wassnt angry with me, but his mother. He knew that it
was going to happend (he just get thise senses when it
comes to things with her, behind his back)"

Then we took a diffrent raod home agen, somewhere he always
had wanted to drive, and it made him a but happier, even
thought I found it verry borring, I was glad he was glad..
We had some junkfood to eat before we went to the cinnema.
The movie was verry bad. Then we drove to his grandmothers,
its his mother`s mother and she lives in the same building
as his mother (but with dwo diffrent enterys) We was a bit
scared she would ask if we had seen his mother and Emma
that day, but she diddnt. All thougether I find his family
cold, stupid and dont care for anyone but them self. How
else could they just sit there in theri houses, knowing
that his mother were drinking when she was pregnant or is
drinking when having Emma at daytime??

Tommys mother called a few times and sendt some messages at
daytime, we didnt answer. I told Tommy that we should,
cause she might have told Emma that we were coming, and it
might supsrise her if we diddnt. So he wanswerd one of her
messages, no. Then she asked what to do with the cake? I
was going to make that cake for him , but then she was so I
didnt but this morning she haddnt, because Emma was sick
the day before. But today she was all wall, so apparanty,
she had made the cake.
Tommy jsut wrote "trew it to hell" she got angry with him
about that. She asked if I was bacuse she had asked me for
He didnt answe, he told me he had told her long time ago
that she should never ask me for mony.
Then I got a message, sorry that I asked you for mony, hope
you`re not mad.
I answerd that I wassnt, really, it was Tommy who had found
out all by him self, I didnt tell him, but could not keep a
lie. I was upset, did she belived me? So later I send her a
message if she was angry with me, she wanserd no.

In our way back from his grandmothers I was sad, it was so
to many dissapointmens that day. All I wanted was go give
him a perfect day, one day to look back to and smile. It
took me for ever to plan it, and then she ruined it.
Tommy could se I was sad, som he told me it was not my
foult, but his mothers.
We picked up a pizza, and hand pizza, a bottle of martini
astri and tv, before we went to bed and made love.

to be continued..