forever changing
2003-10-14 04:08:24 (UTC)

up to date

over the summer i got far to used to having nothing to do
and now i rarely have any time to write, this really
stinks, i hate not writing, but i have a second journal now
so that i can have one with me all the time it is just a
lil notebook but what the hell it works. so much has
happened since the last time i wrote i don't even know
where to start, hmmm well i jut got off the phone with mike
so i guess i could talk about that for a while. ahhhh, mike
well i am truely in love with him, we have been to gether
almost six months and i could not imagine being happier
with anyone else. its amazing because just about four weeks
ago we almost broke up. i was freaking out and feeling like
i was trapped in this relationship with him and i was only
sixteen i didn't want to be stuck already and i talked to
him and he told me that i had to make up my mind, that he
did not want a gf who was not going to give our
relationship the effort it takes and so i needed to decide
if i wanted to break up and do whatever or stay with him
and i wentr over to his house the next day completely
prepared to break it off and we talked and i realized that
i love him and i am not stuck with him for any reason other
than the fact that i enjoy being with him and i want to be
with him, and i am so grateful for the connection we have i
could not wish for anything more.
on another note, zoe has a new bf. amazing this is her
third in just one year and these are her first three ever.
but this one i think is cool but every one knows it is not
going to last too long. in case i have not said much about
zoe she is my best friend from first grade and in the last
year we have finally been spending more time together, we
finally have cars to get together on our own. but anyways
she is going out with max and he is a cool kid, he is a
good friend of mine that i met in math last year and this
year we have gotten closer cause we are in psych together
adn share a locker. the reason no one sees this lasting is
not a bad thing by any means it is merely the fact that zoe
is not one to have a bf and she is kinda uncomfortable with
guys as more that guy friends, as well as the fact that she
is going off to college in less than nine months and does
not want to have any romantic attachment upon leaving our
mini town.
it is really wierd that they are going out becasue it used
to be just the three of us hanging out at school
occasionally with other people and what not but now
whenever i am with them i feel like it is me and them not
just us but oh well i can deal as long as they dont make
out in front of me thats just wrong!!!
any who ... i got the new APC cd i got it on the day it
came out too i was so stoked!!! we had a bomb threat at
school that day so a couple of friends and i went to the
record shop and i got it yay!!!
i love the song stranger it is so great.
but anyway i have to go so i will talk later fare thee well