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2003-10-13 22:13:34 (UTC)

and i never wanted to be either of those.

she went to the doctor with me.

it was scary because he wasnt like he usually is, "oh just
do this and it'll be fine." he yelled at me for not coming
earlier and said i need blood work done again and i need to
get on this medication, not birth control which is what
they normally use, and then go to the ob-gyn for
ultrasounds to check for tumors or fibroids. so after
that, they took an assload of my blood, since im anemic
they thought theyd take the rest of it, and sent me on my
way feeling a thousand times worse about the matter.

but i felt better this afternoon we got dr pepper which i
drink hot when im sick and we sat around and i felt so much
better even though my uterus was still screaming at me i
didnt even pay attention to it while she was here but i
kept kissing her which is bad.

i called ashleigh to say sorry about last night i felt
really bad because i should have just had everyone blocked
usually i put up my away message but dickface was yelling
at me and i was about to leave again because i was just
sitting here sobbing like i needed HIS shit right then on
top of my own important things and i felt bad. so i called

matt and i were talking about piercings at work and he has
all these tattoos and i said i was going to get mine
colored in for my birthday and he was like "ahhhhh you have
a tattoo" and his roommate was like "uh oh" and i was like
what and matts like thats so fucking hot... ewwwww. i
wanted to be like. my cunt is gushing blood, how hot is
that, go away.

but i need to study now and i think im guna make it another
early night of bed, too much on my mind to be awake.