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2003-10-13 18:23:55 (UTC)

One unhappy girl, two bad birthdays

It was Tommy`s birthday last Tuesday, I have been thinking
about it a lot, wanted to give him the perfect day he
deserved. Everytime I was cleaning a tub at the hotell I
thought about it actually.
I was thinking about what we should do that day, and what I
should give him. I thoight about a nice weekend at a hotel,
but didnt knew if he would have his care sit out, or take
it in for winter. (a verry special car, who he loves so
much and they put salt in the roads when it snows and that
ruin somethings under the car)
Then I thought about nice mini cruise on the bot, cause we
did that last fall and it was nice, and it was there we`re
meet easter one year ago.. But when I talked about the bout
he didnt seem so founf of it.
I wanted something to make HIM happy, his present was not
for me, so I decided to say that I could pay for two of his
wheels, he`s getting all four new in the spring, and he
wants originals (boy`s thing) and they are verry expencive.
I asked him so manny times what he wanted to do on his
birthday, but he always said that he diddnt knew, and that
it diddnt matter. But I know better than that, everyone
care about their birthdays, some wont just admit it , or
they dont know it them self.

The day before I had a lot of things to do, lectures,
driving lecture and so on, he was home, he was not starting
work until wedensday, cause his sore would not heal so well
afther a little bige-toe operation. I went out or power on
my phone, but plugged it back in when I got to his place.
There was a message from his mom, if I could call her. So I
did, but she didnt want to talk to me then, because Tommy
was there, and the appartment is verry smal, so she asked
if I could call her back next morning on university.
We talked a bit, she was vorry that Emma, his little sister
got encephalitis, and was going over to the grand mother to
call the childrenshospital. She was feeling verry sick and
she had some spots, she had just read about it in a
newspapaer, about a little boy who had got it.
I was like encephalitis can be varry serious, have you
tested her spots?
No, she said, can you do that, how?
I was spurised that a mum didnt know that you should always
thest the spots in you think a child has encephalitis, you
just take a clear glass and press it on the read sopt, if
you can still see it, then get to the hospital.
I mean, me and Karoline watched this "warning" publicity`s
when we were kids a our non comersial chanal, that and the
ten mountan rules.

Early morning I had to get up, I kissed Tommy happy
birthday, he was not thrilled and remined me that I already
did last night , when I woke up then. I went to university
and she should go to the gym.
I called his mother, the chilrenshospital told her also
about the spot-glass test (wow aint Im smart!!) and said
that if she started to threw up, they should come right
She asked if me and Tommy has plans, I said no, but I kind
of had one, about us going way to a place outside town, and
I had cinnema tickets for the evneing.
Then she asked if I could make his come to her place, and
then we should all go to this verry borring shopping mal,
she wanted me to make him. I told her that I should try,
but could not promise her anything. Then she said that if I
diddnt make it, she should, or then he had to babysit Emma
so that we could go to this other mal, not verry good ether.
She asked if I had brought him anything? I said no, she was
thinking about something that he had said that he wanted
from her, and I said that that was a good idea, cause I
knew that it was what Tommy wanted.
There was only one thing: could she borrow 1000kr, its
acout 100£ of me??
I cot so suprised and schocked, I dont like to borrow mony
from others, or have them borrowing of me, but I coul`nt
tell her no.
She was going to pay me back about the 17th, she should
juse 500 on Tommys present and 500 to her mother, who she
had borrowd from earlier.

I didnt wanted to, and I had this bad feeling, first of all
I hate doing things behind Tommy`s back, Im not perfect I
admit, but at leat when I do something stupid or wrong
(like kissing Chris) I tell him, even though it means
truble. And he apriciate my honesty.
I wanted him to find out, one way or a nother, but tot
know, maybe later that day, or soon. But I could not give
his mother the monny behind his back when he knew about it,
that would be stupid and feel wrong.
He picked me up afther class, I said that we was going to
his mother and sister, he was okey with it, but I said that
he could take a shower first.
When he was in the shower I sendt her a message saying that
we was comming right afther the shower

He likes to be clean, and is verry hygenic, but this was
the longest shower I ever seen him take. It sure took some
while, I mentioned the mal his mother wanted us to go to,
but made sure I dindt sound to thrilled. We wassnt eather.
He didnt seem happy, loving or anything like that, it was
hard for me to be glad and keep up the mood.
Then on the road he said "there is something I want to ask
you about" "yes?" I said. "did my mother asked if she could
get some monny of you?"
Ops, I got scared and sad, cause I should have told him,
but it was his brithday and I was going to, that I promised.
I could just not tell her no, it was for his present, and
then I told him about the whole thing.
Tommy wassnt angry with me, though he clamed that he had
told me to never borrow her mony, I cant remember that, but
it sounds some how familiar.
He said he had told her not to ask me long time ago, and
that he could drop me off, so I could deliver the monny, or
go with him.
Of couse he picked him, he turned of his phone and said
that if I was smart I`ll do the same, I did.

We drove for about one hour and something to the place I
had mentioned for him earlier, and where I wanted us to go,
but it was his choise.
We checked our phones, some "are you coming" messagses was
waiting for us, tougether with "the cake is ready at 13am)
She was going to make a cake, so I didnt, then she didnt
but afther the talked this morning apparently she did

We went shopping, I brought two martini astris, and to
foot creams, we eate, and things where better bretween us
He wassnt angry with me, but his mother. He knew that it
was going to happend (he just get thise senses when it
comes to things with her, behind his back)

Oh shit, now I lost the rest of my entry, and I was looong.
Think I`ll do it later, Im not in the mood to repeat it all