The Alias Files
2001-10-09 05:41:40 (UTC)

Dreams Do Come True. . . In Their Own Way

I remember that I was thinking to myself about the perfect
guy for me. I thought to myself that the guy would be
attractive, nice, sweet, a great conversationalist, and
just the all around sweetheart. The strange things about
my thoughts were that although I wanted all of this in a
guy, I wanted him to first and foremost be my friend. I
envisioned that although he was my friend, he had a crush
on me and vice versa. I thought of it sort of like this:
We would have crushes on each other, but we would never
speak of it, however, we both remained single. Sort of
like a mental relationship, if that makes any sense

I met Sabir (for like the third time) in the stair
well in the Music Department. What was I doing in the
music department, I don't really know, but there was a
reason for me being there. The whole afternoon was
strange. I was coming out of the Hub after I had
gotten off from work at the Southerner. Then
something told me to go to the library and find
Takisma, only I didn't have to find her, she was
walking out of the library when I was walking
through the plaza. Then she expressed some concerns
about finding the band hall to talk to the director
about concert season. Well, I didn't have anything to
do on a boring Friday afternoon so I decided to
venture on the excursion with her.

It took us a while to get into the building, but we
got in. After fumbling around the building, we found
what she was looking for, but not before we ran into
Sabir. Like I said before, we ran into him in the
stair well and I said hello and he did too. Then he
said that I was cute, and I was like thanks. I
remember him saying that he didn't run into alot of
cute freshmen. I was flattered, considering I had a
crush on him. Then I saw him again in Seymour's as I
was leaving breakfast. We exchanged words, but I
still didn't think anything of it. Any how, I shot
myself back into reality until he approached me again
at breakfast the following week. Then the gears
started turning.

Okay, back to what I was saying about my perfect guy. I
think that Sabir may be him. There's that one glitch of
him having a girlfriend that throws it off, but hey, I
think that's as close as it's going to get. If all we can
have is a friendship, then it's more than nothing at all,
eh? Oh whom am I kidding? The feelings are still going to
be there. Sometimes I ponder why he even said anything to
me. I ponder why he decided to come up to me and all of
that great stuff.

All I can say is that things happen for a reason. That's
all that I can say and quite frankly there's really nothing
else that I can say about it.

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