Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-10-12 23:02:04 (UTC)

Keep Singing A Song About Myself.

Am I happy? Yes. I think so. I look at my life now, where
I am, my plans for the present, my plans for the future.
Obviously I worry. I might not make it as a teacher. I
might already owe more money than I can ever retrieve. I
might end up in a job that I hate because I fail to do the
one thing that I want to do. It might happen.

To dwell on such things is stupid. The right now is this.
I'm comfortable financially, and will be set up when I get
paid - that'll be a great moment for me, really. I should
be able to make it as a teacher. People tell me I'll be
good at it, and I feel I can do it.

But...but what? I still feel like I'm living a lie, still
occasionally wake up sweating fearing something happening.
And I don't know what that is....

Tomorrow I have to do something for a very dear friend of
mine, and do it early, too. Don't think...its not what you

WILT? Aerosmith - Dude Look Like A Lady.