DayDream Believer
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2003-10-12 19:22:05 (UTC)

Surviving controll

There`s just been so much happening this week, and Im
really sad and depressed right now.
When this things happend all I do is to survive it, nothing
else matter.
So now Im in this surviving period, I`ve been here before.
I dont eat much, cant sleep as much as I want to, there is
nothing I want to do, I cant to things I should do, all I
want to do really is sleep, then Im away and dont have to
think or feel anything, but even the sweetest sleep end`s
sometimes and reallity wakes me up.

I dont know where to begin, wont write anything more about
it now cause I dont feel like ut. But lets wote for how im
gonna say it since there is so much, maybe three letters.
So tell me, please, should I tell the big important things
first, things than happend this weekend, or the less
important, but stil important things that happend tuesday
and wedensday? You tell me.

Btw: I just sent S* a mail, hmm, wonder how Im gonna think
about that when reallity waked me up. Thats the good thing
about surviving periods, I can do anything I want to, dont
have to think about consecqenses no more.

Good Night.