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2003-10-12 03:06:15 (UTC)

Got a little mad at TDC...

So TDC went to a dinner and a movie that thursday night. We
saw duplex after eating/chugging at Benningans to be able
to be on time. The movie was funny. Never bored in that
one. The dinner was fast. But afterwards we just went home.
Just to Chris's house and sat in the cad. We talked a
little and went home.

Maybe it's cause I was acting kinda silly. I really
couldn't help it, I don't know why I was like that. Maybe
it's drugs, maybe hormones, maybe I was sleep deprived and
it was catching up to me, heck maybe it was the fact that
the next day was a full moon. Those things have strange
effects on people. I think Chris was feeling it too.

So we went home at 1:30 ish in the morning. Tim was awful.
He just wanted to go home. I mean, I didn't want him to
especially since I'm not gonna see the guys for the next 5
days and I didn't see them the night before. I'm holding a
little grudge purpusely. I should do something to totally
blow them out of the water. I think I'll act like I've done
something they would not have wanted me to do, and it will
be hard to actually convince them that it happened. I first
have to convince myself, and change my personality up a
bit. People act different after they've had sex. Most I
hear are a little dissapointed. I'll play the believability
game. I think I won't call them at all, and when they call
me, I'll be a little upset, and seem as though them calling
me was the last thing on my mind. And when they say let's
meet up and stuff I'll be just like yeah, umm I don't know,
maybe. Eventually I will. When I get picked up I'll be
quite quiet. My bro is going to a Polish party, so I can
make somehting up like that I went with him and after all
the phallic and yonic in theatre my hormones were flying
around everywhere and I got carried away. I could bring in
that whole thing that I got one time where I see someone,
our eyes connect and I automatically know how long our
relationship is gonna last. I get the feeling that I know
what kind of a relationship it's gonna be too.

Well, I don't know if I should. I want to, but I think this
will take alot. I think I need Eric in on this. It would
kinda improve upon my story. It would be hard. A challange.
Should I undertake it?

They do deserve the lesson, but maybe I could just teach it
to them by beating them in pool, laser quest, bowling,
running, or whatever. I think I'll do that instead. It's
much better, but unfortunately hardly as guaranteed. Then
again, motivation is driving up my ass. It will work.