An inconcluded life
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2003-10-11 18:47:44 (UTC)

genuine love

Sometimes we feel like we are drowning in our problems.
But we don't take the time to look around because we are
worried that our world will fall apart... that is human
nature I guess. But this too will pass. That is one of
the wise sayings of life. I wish I could find a way of
helping you, but I really can't. I can just give you my
moral support and my prayers, hoping that things slowly
follow their path. I am so sorry you are going through
this!!! And I need to tell you this: even though
things seem to be going so wrong and getting worse as time
goes by, you still have something that is extremely
important: a healthy family. And that is one of the
greatest gifts of life, health. As long as you have
something to feed your children every day, give thanks to
Supreme Being, as there are so many people that go to bed
on a cup of tea only because they have nothing else to
bring to their mouths. You are having serious economic
problems. Other people have other types of problems.
Horrible problems that have nothing to do with money. But
it is not until you are in other people's places that you
realize how lucky you are to have a family. You are not
alone on this world. You have something to live for. Me?
what do I have? nothing. Material success takes you
nowhere. And even though I am not wealthy, at least I
have a paycheck that lets me pay the monthly rent and buy
But that's it. Money does not buy a family. Money does
not buy love. You have that type of love that is real and
genuine: the love of your kids. That is the only type of
true love there is in life, because nobody else will ever
love you as truly as your kids do. Lovers come and go...
even though we would like to keep that partner for the
rest of our lives, they sometimes don't and we have to
cope with the fact that they might go. If you are lucky
enough to get to keep your partner then good for you. But
that is not genuine love. It is just ephimeral love that
comes and goes. Rejoice because you have your children
and they are living for you. You must live for them. Try
to find the positive aspect of all the bad things that are
happening right now and learn from them. Don't despair,
life can't be so bad. If all this is happening it is
because there is something you must learn from this
experience. Try to find what it is and your mission will
be accomplished. As for now, try to hold on hard to your
family, say a prayer holding hands together in a circle
every night before you go to sleep. No matter how simple
it is, the power of prayer is miraculous. Sometimes, some
things are just meant to be the way they are.
I send you the warmest hugs from over here and keep me
posted with anything that happens.