Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-10-11 15:55:43 (UTC)


Last nite cheryl and kier drove up to Penn state to get
cindy and her friend Tee..they didnt get bak until
2!!..well i now know that I have strep throat..i am in so
much pain and i had to go to the Pocono Medical center and
they gave me medicine and i didnt go to ne classes on we left for homecoming at 330ish cuz they had
to wait til i was done with work ya so
when we got bak to clifton we drove to the high school to
show Tee and the band was there and we saw Manni...I miss
Manni lol and then we walked around and we stopped by the
auditorium and Carolyn and Amira were practicin lol and
they just stopped screamed and ran over to was sooo
cute theyre tellin me how everything is shit now
and they are recovering the stage with the same stuff they
have in the gym so its gonna be all slippery and Mr Kida is
gonna quit cuz he wont be able to nail into the stage..that
sux but i dont have to deal with it nemore so oh
we went to the football game and I wore my rockstar
jacket..complements of christine lol..and it was soooo
great...we sat by all the band parents and we made the game
fun..we danced and sang and did the chants and everything
it was sooo great..we were louder than the band sometimes
lol..saw like everyone Amanda V, Amanda Poop, Cheryl,
Billy, Christine, Marissa, Cindy, Kelly and Tee and Even
Steve Andy and like Jess F and Kim G were all there it was
like REUNION lol..and i saw Peter and christine but i dunno
nobody else really knos them and Peter dissed on my jacket
so i left them lol and they left b4 the game was
after the game we went to Houlihans in weehawken and i was
in cindys car and duh we got lost we saw Eugene and
Kim S and Amanda Reece there but i dunno marissa was in a
wierd mood but i had fun we just chilled and ate and u kno
it was like olden times..then we went over Kimmmys house
b/c she came home to see everyone and it was fun she was
soooo excited it was great and by then it was like 130 and
we were sooo tired so we all decided to go to our own homes
instead of every1 sleepin here and then we went to
bed...Zzzzz...and today me cheryl cindy maris and tee are
driving up to PSU to meet wit Kier and Lauren and their
friends to go to a party!!!