Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-10-11 08:13:12 (UTC)

Should I Go To The Country? It Isn't Very Far....

Well well well, its the end of my first week of filing and
paper carrying...and...well, better things have happened,
to be brutally honest, but I'm sure worse things have
happened, too. I've done my...actually I niged myself on
the flexi the other day so I did 36 and a half instead of
37 hours, but I'm still happy enough with the result. Now
I get to appreciate a weekend...and how do I do that?

Well, firstly I go out for a few bevs on Friday
night...then wake up too early on Saturday and feel a
touch I feel OK, so I was going to take a
bath, but I can't quite be bothered just now.

I've a house party tonight, a bit of tidying to do, and,
if people are really lucky, some washing.

WILT? Blur - Good Song