Kitten's deams
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2003-10-11 06:14:05 (UTC)


OK, so he isn't in love with me, although he does love
me. Warning this might be rated R. Last week I decided to
stay away from him and try to stip loving him the way that
I do.
So tonight he wasn't at capoeira. So I stopped by out
of curiosity to see why he didn't come. Turns out he had
fallen asleep. So after about ten minutes of talking he
asked about going to St. L**** to meps to take my tests, so
I can join the air force. I can't because I take thearapy,
voleenteraly, and need a doctors release from. Turns out
that my christian councilor happens to be considered a
doctor, and I am a mental patiant under her care.
So when I realyed this information to L**** he seized
upon it and started baiting me, calling me insain and
telling me that he's getting me a streight jacket for
Christmas, so I can join McFarlens, the metal institution.
Well I naturally started beating up on him. Then he
held on to me, still taunting, and wouldn't let me go. So I
couldn't beat on him, or get away. And then, all of a
sudden, he's kissing me. Like he needs me or wants me or
loves me. He's got a bit of desperation in his moves, when
he runs his hands along my body caressing me and making me
moan. My mind went blank and all I could do is just feel.
When he finally lets me breath, I know that my resolve
is shattered. He snags the bottom of my tank top and pulls
it off. I ask him why he would want to do that, and his
respons is "because I want to". Then he pulls my sports
bra over my head. I ask him again why he did that, he
smiles and grabs my breast, making me gasp, "That's why,
you can pull something off too you know!"
"I will!" comes my rebelious response, he didn't
realize that in pulling his shirt off I was going to put it
on. As soon as he did realize it, he told me I couldn't
put it on. I told him to watch me. So I finally got my
arms in it, right side out, and have just pulled it over my
head when his mouth closes over one of my very sensative
nipples. He sucks and nibbles. The shirt ends up on the
After a few more minutes of making out he's tugging at
the band of my pants. I readjust my pants, although I
shouldn't even bother. Then he decides to pounce on me.
We happen to be doing this on a twin sized bed, and we were
half way back on the bed anyways, so when he landed on me I
fell back and he, holding me by the band of my pants,
pushes me just a bit further. My head, which had gone over
the bed toughing the floor, was followed by the rest of my
body. He let gravity work for him as he pulled my pants
off. By the way, I happen to go comando most of the
time,and rarely wear underwear. He's used to that.
So laughingly, I toss a kick at his hear and he pulls
me up. So for a few seconds we were just standing and then
he put his hands on my hips and kissed me. Damm can he
kiss. I'll tell the rest tomorrow. ^.^ Kitten.

PS. Tell me if you got turned on by this.