taking heed

slightly exaggerated
2003-10-11 04:25:06 (UTC)

Midterm Madness

This semester I have 4 midterms and 3 of them are next
week. Woe is I. Compounding the the unpleasentness of this
situation is that it is thanksgiving weekend and I'm going
to Montreal tomorrow until Monday eve. Something's got to
give. Condensing a great amount of reading and the such
into such a little block of time generally does not go over
well, but these things all have a way of coming to fruition
positively, so, yah, I'm basically using the 'diary'
writing as an excuse to not read chapter 11 in my social
psychology textbook. One of many excuses I employed today.
There is actually quite an interesting list. Check it out:

- eating pumpkin pie
- watching sports hilights
- playing hearts
- playing nintendo
- eating pumpkin pie
- listening to the planet smashers
- watching the comedy network
- watching a baseball game
- doing push ups
- depising things
- talking to folk on msn
- eating lasagna and pumpkin pie
and - walking around aimlessly

Yep quite a list. Quite a list indeed. When you think of
studying avoidence, you would be hard pressed to find a
list that is more better than what I have constructed here
today. Truely remarkable. I am speechless... .

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