I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-10-10 22:00:26 (UTC)

Military Intelligence

Ah, yes. The US Military. That’s what today’s entry is
going to be about. Why you ask? Well, sit back and be
patient and I’ll tell you.

See, my brother is one of my best friends. Coolest kid
you’ll ever meet. Funny, handsome, kind, caring, charming
and lots of other descriptive adjectives. Ever since he
was small he’s loved playing Army, or Navy or some other
military game. He has wanted to be part of that
institution since he could talk.

He would do well in a military setting. If he knows
exactly what’s expected of him then it’s much easier for
him to do well. He follows directions well and just would
thrive in that kind of environment.

My dad took him to the Coast Guard Academy (the
only “military branch” not run by the Department of
Defense. They’re controlled by the Department of
Transportation) this summer. It’s a gorgeous campus in New
London, Connecticut. They have a crew and an old clipper
ship that each cadet spends a summer on.

He would love it there. But there’s a problem. My poor
brother is color blind. Not a single branch of the
military will take him. No matter how many recommendations
he gets, or how wonderful his grades are or how fit he is,
he’s ineligible.

Poor kid doesn’t let on how disappointed he is. Doesn’t
wanna talk about it to anyone. But I can tell. He doesn’t
look at any of the military sites he used to look at,
doesn’t even play any of the computer army games either.
Sure, life goes on. We all get disappointments. But when a
dream dies because of something out of your control, I
think that it makes it hurt a bit more.